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Public Speaking Workshop

There was a workshop held on 28 May 2012, Monday for a group of students from the Green Activist Club, Drama Club, Symphonic Band, Student Councillors and Talent Management. The students went over to Nanyang Polytechnic for the workshop and really learnt about many tips on how to be a good public speaker in events carried out.



Students listening attentively to all the important tips on how to be a good public speaker


The trainer spoke about many pointers to note when they are involved in public speaking.


The students did their homework prior to the workshop and were asked to present a short speech of 2-3 mins before their classmates and peer assessment will also be conducted so that the student present the speech can have on the spot feedback to improve on their speech.


Students watching videos



 Ms Samantha Chan giving instant feedback after student’s presentation



 There was peer feedback after each sharing



Well prepared for the preparation. Came for the workshop with terrarium and script for the sharing!



Everyone was fully ENGAGED and waiting for their turn to present


It was a wonderful workshop and everyone truly enjoyed and learnt a lot from the sharing from their classmates!