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Overseas Service Learning Trip to Phnom Penh, Cambodia 2012


From 12th to 16th November 2012, 37 Secondary 1 to 3 students from the Youth Flying Club, Red Cross Youth, and NT Committee of Woodgrove Secondary School embarked on an overseas service learning trip to Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


This trip was aimed at nurturing positive character values and citizenship through community service in the students. Students will learn the essence of service learning/ community service, and in alignment with the SEL competencies, gain an in-depth understanding in the management of the self and of social relationships.



As part of the cultural immersion, students visited the Tuol Sleng Museum and the Killing Fields, harsh reminders of the tumultuous history of Cambodia under the Pol Pot regime. It was a sobering experience, as it taught the students to truly appreciate the peace and stability in Singapore.


In Roong Village, Woodgrovers braved the heat and difficult conditions to do their part in building a wall and planting flowers to beautify the village’s community hall. From the mixing of cement to the laying of bricks, nothing was beyond their reach as they gave their best in the construction process. For many students, it was also a time for them to reflect on the sweat and tears of the construction workers who toiled back home in Singapore.




On top of that, students also had a taste of teaching young Cambodian children at Lakeside School. From arts and crafts, to the teaching of the alphabets, to performing snazzy dance steps, the Woodgrove spirit was evident as these students worked together responsibly as a team to guide the local children and bring some cheer into their lives.



This was a trip of many firsts for a majority of the students, but all of them were able to adapt and strived to do their very best. They displayed resilience and empathy in helping the less fortunate, and returned feeling more appreciative of what they already have back home



Students’ Reflection


Zulfadli (1E1 – 2012)

I really felt thankful to be able to help, to learn, and to serve. Seeing the slum areas of Phnom Penh and the unfortunate lives of others has taught me to be appreciative of what I have.


Jeremiah (3N2 – 2012)

The experience of teaching the Cambodian children first hand was amazing. It made me consider being a teacher in the future!


Irya Shazira  (3T1 – 2012)

It is both sad and touching to see young children who do not have enough money to come to school still having an interest in learning. While we were teaching them, we could see the different potential in each of the Cambodian students. It was hard for me to leave at the end, but when seeing their smiles, it truly warms my heart.