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Mid-Autumn Festival

Woodgrove Secondary School celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival on 21 Sep 2012 Friday at the Parade Square. The event was jointly organised by MT Dept-CL Unit & Partnership Committee. The objective of the celebration was to promote awareness and appreciation of ethnic traditions amongst our students and staff of different races, as well as to foster closer ties with our partners. The theme for this year’s celebration was共庆中秋,阖家团圆 (A Family Reunion in the Celebration of Mid-Autumn Festival).


The event involved many different groups - from SAC members, PSG members and their families, as well as staff, 70 Chinese Orchestra students and Sprint Programme students.



We were blessed with a cool weather that evening after a heavy downpour in the afternoon. That evening, our invited guests from SAC, PSG, students and their family members arrived in throngs to celebrate the joyous, festive occasion with us. The celebration commenced with a simple mooncake-making session conducted by our PSG parents for our teachers. Our very own Chinese Orchestra then kicked off the evening’s celebration with a drum performance. They performed 3 songs which fascinated our gracious guests who were mesmerised and awed by the musical talents showcased by our students.



Henceforth, all guests were free to enjoy the evening solving both English and Chinese riddles, playing at the game stations, savouring of mooncakes and indulging in Chinese tea appreciation. The highlight of the evening was the lighting up of the ‘Tian Deng’ (天灯) by our stakeholders – SAC, PSG and students.  As we witnessed the rising up of the ‘Tian Deng’, all of us wished for a better tomorrow for WGS and its students. Thereafter, the teachers, parents and students soaked in the night atmosphere during the Lantern Walk, hand in hand for some, around the school compound with their beautifully lit lanterns.




It was a wonderful night with sweet moments together with our loved ones in the big WGS family.