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Mathematics Fun Day 2012

Mathematics Fun Day 2012

The Mathematics Fun Day was organized and conducted by the Mathematics Department on 16th May 2012 as a post-examination activity aimed at cultivating interest in Mathematics through fun and creative hands-on activities for our Secondary One Express and Normal Academic students.
Twenty Primary 5 Si Ling Primary School students with an accompanying teacher joined the Mathematics Fun Day too.
Mathematics Fun Day consisted of two main activities – ‘Amazing Race’ & ‘Brainetics stations’ which were conducted concurrently. Participants were grouped and started off the event at different venues around the school.
The ‘Amazing Race’ involved students moving around checkpoints where each group has to perform a Mathematical-related task at a limited time duration before receiving an Arithmetic-related clue to the next location. The time-competitive tasks challenged the students’ speed and ability to think out-of-the-box questions.
‘Brainetics Stations’ offered a chance for the groups to compete with one other in 3 exciting stations namely ‘Dog-and-Bone’, ‘Numeric Scrabble’ and ‘Geometry Board’.
All thanks to the concerted effort of the Math Department teachers and our Secondary 2 student facilitators, the students immersed themselves in an afternoon of fun and laughter where they realized how enjoyable learning Mathematics can be!

Students solving questions at one of the checkpoints in the Amazing Race.

Teamwork is shown here! Sec 1 students and Siling Primary School students’ combined attempt at ‘Toothpicks puzzle’ station.

Two groups competing against each other at ‘Dog and Bone’ station! Ready? Go!

It is an enjoyable Mathematics Fun Day!