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Home-Based Learning II Day 2012

The second round of the Home-Based Learning exercise for 2012 was conducted on 17th July for Secondary 1 to Secondary 3 classes from 7:30 am to 12 pm. The key objectives of this Home-Based Learning exercise aimed at promoting independent and self-directed learning as part of Woodgrove Secondary School’s effort to inculcate 21st century skills in our students as well as to familiarize them with Home-Based Learning processes via the use of computers, should there be an unforeseen school closure.

This e-learning exercise also serves as a platform to assess the competency of our students in the area of Information Communication Technology (ICT) which is pivotal in transforming the future.

Students were tasked to access e-learning lesson packages prepared by their respective subject teachers according to a prescribed time-table. The exercise was supported by a team of dedicated teachers and IT support staff who were always ready to address any queries through communication channels via telephone helplines and the short messaging system (sms).

The Home-Based Learning day began with lesson packages made available for students’ access from 7:30am in the morning. The arrangement of staggered start timings for the lower secondary classes and Secondary 3 classes allowed for a smoother login process to the school’s Learning Management System. Computer labs were also opened for students who did not have internet access at home. Students were engaged in varied modes of interesting and interactive student-centric learning tasks as they progressed through the different subjects online. The Home-Based Learning exercise concluded with an online survey to consolidate students’ feedback and reflections of their e-learning experiences.