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Design Innovation Competition 2012

Design Innovation Competition (DIC) 2012 is the inaugural research and design innovation competition held by Republic Polytechnic. This competition is supported by Design Singapore Council and National Parks Board. This unique competition offers students the opportunity of developing innovative product designs and solutions for Admiralty Park through market research.

2 day research workshop at RP 

A 2 Day workshop was conducted by the lecturers from the Centre of Enterprise and Communication for the students to learn basic skills of carrying out research and user understanding before the competition. Each team would then carry out a survey and analyze the results so that they can propose the appropriate design solutions to attract the public to make Admiralty Park a recreational venue of choice for their family and friends.

DIC Woodgrove teams at RP exhibition 

Teams tour of Admiralty Park to study surroundings design opportunities 

In the final round of the Design Innovation Competition held on the 7th of Jan 2013, 2 teams from Woodgrove Secondary were shortlisted for the Top 5 final presentation. The team consisting of Nur Ameera Bte Mohd Fawzee, Muhd Syafiq B Idros, Javier Lim Jun Hong, Alyssa Royani Bte Abdul Wahid and Muhammad Fairuz Bin Jaafar from 3E2 finished overall 2nd Place.The team’s design proposal for Admiralty Park was to build observation towers within Admiralty Park which are linked by sky bridges. The tower could house F&B outlets and play areas for the children as they move from one tower to another within the park. This concept allows visitors to the park to appreciate different species of trees and plants from the bird’s eye view thus creating greater appreciation for nature. The idea was developed through inputs and feedback compiled by the team from visitors surveyed during the course of the competition.

Top 5 team presentation for finals 

Another team consisting of Kwoh You Liang, Ho Yi Ken, Ng Zhenjie Keith and Bong Jia Le from 3E4 achieved a merit award. The team design proposal was to design flip benches throughout the park. The idea for flip benches surfaced from a common problem faced by park visitors who are unable to sit on present benches which remain wet for quite some time after a heavy downpour. The design concept to address the problem involves constructing park benches that allow users to flip over the bench when they want to use it therefore providing a dry surface for use anytime even after a period of continuous rain. The design of the benches complements the natural surroundings therefore making it more aesthetically pleasing for use by the park visitors.

2nd Place Woodgrove Team 

Woodgrove Team who achieved Merit 

The School Leaders, teachers and students would like to extend our heartiest congratulations to the C&T students and department for their commendable ideas and performance at the competition!

Team Woodgrove with RP Mentor Mr Kenny