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Cyber Wellness Week 2012

The key objectives of Cyber Wellness Week 2012 were aimed at raising the risk awareness in cyberspace and promoting good online practices for our students.

Throughout the week-long series of activities from 15 to 19th October, a series of activities were organised by the ICT department teachers as well as the Cyber Wellness student ambassadors to inculcate the school values of Care and Responsibility in our students, as well as to promote the astute and responsible use of social media.

Mini Skits

Student ambassadors highlighted key Cyber Wellness messages on computer security, dangers with cyber contacts and internet addiction issues through mini skits during morning assemblies. News articles coupled with comic strips and questionnaires were also issued as reading materials for the as reinforcement.

In conjunction with the Cyber Wellness Week, our Secondary 2 students designed their own Cyber Wellness-themed posters, postcards and badges during ICT lessons. Shortlisted works were showcased for voting in an open exhibition to create awareness and educate fellow students of good security habits against the potential threats to computer security.

Students SMS votes for their favourite poster

Winners of the Cyber Wellness Exhibition Design Work

The Cyber Wellness home-based learning day was conducted for all Secondary 1 to 3 students via the school’s Learning Management System on 18th October. The Secondary 1 and 2 students were kept aware of internet addiction symptoms through a series of self-evaluation questionnaire and local case studies while the more matured Secondary 3 students were exposed to a series of local case studies coupled with short quizzes to elicit key learning points on the issue of insensitive blogging on the social media. They were also tasked to offer different perspectives on the case studies through a class online discussion forum.

The Cyber Wellness Week was brought to a close on the last day when students and staff were treated to a techno-drama by Cyber Wellness TOUCH to further reinforce the significance of responsible blogging.