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Curriculum and Activities 2012




Sec 1E/NA/NT Term 1 Math Orientation Trail
Sec 1E/NA/NT Term 2 Heuristics Trail (Inter-Disciplinary)
Sec 1E/NA/NT Term 2 Math Fun Day
Sec 3E Term 2 A-Math Camp
Sec 2E Term 2 Math Olympiad Competition

All levels & streams

(Selected students)

Term 2 PISA Competition
Sec 2E Term 2 & 3 Partnership with Si Ling Primary
Sec 2E Term 3 Australian Math Competition
Sec 3E/4E Term 3 ICAS Competition
Sec 2E/NA Term 4 Sec 2 Post Exam Trail
Sec 3E Term 4 Financial Literacy Trail
Sec 1E/2E/3E All Terms Inquiry-Based Learning - Lesson Study
Sec 1NT/2NT All Terms Experiential Learning Trips
Sec 1 - 4NT All Terms CPDD NT Project