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Combined UG Award Presentation








On 19th April 2012, the inaugural WGS Combined UG Award Presentation took place.


This presentation is significant as it marks the year when all the three WGS Uniform Groups (UGs), NCC, NPCC and RCY have managed to clinch a Gold collectively for the first time.


It has been the third year running for both NCC and NPCC to achieve a Gold award for their units, exemplifying the tremendous efforts both UGs have put in maintaining the excellent standard of their units respectively. Joining in the reigns of accomplishments, it is with great pride that RCY has managed to improve from bagging a Silver award in 2011 to achieving a Gold award this year.


Thus, it is hoped that 2012 marks a great start for the WGS UG family to continue improving themselves and soaring to much greater heights, together.


The marching contingent comprised of the Secondary 4 NCC and RCY Cadet Leaders and Sec 3 NPCC cadets. The contingent was led by Unit Sergeant Major Joseph (4N1), Staff Sergeant Rahmad (3T1) and Senior Warrant Officer Hazirah (4E2).