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Arts-on-Wheels Programme (Andy Warhol & Harry Potter Exhibitions)


On 28 August 2012, forty selected students from the secondary one cohort visited the Harry Potter and the Andy Warhol Exhibitions at the ArtScience Museum. The objective of this Learning Journey was to enrich students’ learning and appreciation of the arts, with a particular focus on cinematography, music, and the visual arts. Students were given the opportunity to explore and appreciate the art forms through various interactive and practical means.



Students were first guided through an extensive collection of Andy Warhol’s world-renowned paintings, drawings, sculptures, and films. Through his masterpieces like the Campbell’s Soup Can (1961) and numerous iconic self-portraits, they were able to acquire a comprehensive understanding of Warhol’s creative artworks.


Students were later treated to the magical world of Harry Potter and were able to view hundreds of authentic costumes and props that were featured in all the eight Harry Potter movies.. Our students were spellbound by several interactive experiences in the exhibition – the pulling of Mandrakes from pots, tossing Quaffles during Quidditch and encountering characters like Buckbeak the Hippogriff.



Overall, the Harry Potter and Andy Warhol exhibitions provided Woodgrovers and the accompanying teachers a broadened understanding and perspective of the film media as well as the visual arts. More importantly, the exhibitions helped to dramatically expand the scope of students’ learning beyond the classroom walls and allowed students to learn the processes of producing a film as an artwork. Indeed, this museum trip was enjoyable and enriching for our students as it helped to reinforce artistic ideas and concepts with a more lasting impact.