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Alumni Members’ Talk with Graduating Students

A group of our alumni members took time off to speak with our secondary 4 Express and 5 Normal Academic (4E/5N) students on the experiences they faced in life when enrolled into the different institutions of learning. The objective of this talk was aimed at adding on to what these students had learnt from the Adam Khoo Motivational Workshop (motivation and study skills) as well as course requirements by tertiary institutions.  These talks also enabled our students to make better choices after leaving WGS.




In addition, the alumni members also inspired our secondary 4 Normal Technical students to move beyond ITE and to work hard to gain entry into the polytechnics and eventually into a university.


Four different speakers spoke to the graduating classes.  Two who have graduated from the Junior College (JC) and the Polytechnic (Sean and Jason) and another two, who are currently in the JC and the Polytechnic (Joshua and Ivan) spoke to our current 4E5N students.



Hyekel, who graduated from ITE and is currently in Temasek Poly, also spoke to our 4NT students.


The students listened to the sharing by the speakers and thereafter, a Question and Answer session was conducted.


We would like to thank the following alumni members for taking time off to share their experiences:


1. Jason Chong (2007)
2. Hyekel (2007)
3. Sean Teoh (2008)
4. Ivan Lee (2011)
5. Joshua Yap (2011)