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Additional Mathematics Camp 2012 for Sec 3 @ NTU Campus

An Additional Mathematics Camp was held at Woodgrove Secondary School (WGS) for the secondary three students from 8 am on 7 June 2012 (Thursday) to 11 30 am on 8 June 2012 (Friday) at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU). 

The Camp was aimed at enriching students’ learning experience and understanding of Additional Mathematics concepts through group activities, games and applications based on real life scenarios. Furthermore, it provided a platform for students to engage themselves and experience learning through the use of ICT in Self-Directed Learning (SDL). 
On the first day of the camp, the students took part in an Additional Mathematics Amazing Race around the NTU campus. The students had to solve puzzles relating to Additional Mathematics and explore the facilities at NTU together with their teammates, as they raced against other groups to reach the finishing station. 

 Back at WGS, a session was planned for the students to engage in Self-Directed Learning (SDL) through the use of ICT. In this activity, they had to log-on to the e-learning portal, Ace-Learning, and learn a new topic in Additional Mathematics on their own, without the help of the teachers. 

 The following morning, students took part in the “Young Inventors Challenge” in groups. Each group was given newspaper, drinking straws, adhesive tapes and a chicken egg and their challenge was to design a device that will protect the egg when it was dropped from the fourth floor. The students brainstormed together with their teammates and came up with many interesting and innovative designs. The highlight of the event was when the egg and their devices took the real test in the course of a fall from the fourth floor. The camp was brought to a close with a photo montage.