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2NT Singapore Power, Energy Efficiency Centre Experiential Trip

The Secondary 2 Normal Technical students were given an opportunity to experience first-hand what goes on at the Singapore Power’s Energy Efficiency Centre, on 25th July 2012.  The objectives of this visit were aimed at enhancing our students’ awareness of electricity efficiency and to learn on how to save energy.


The students were first shown a video on energy efficiency in which they were taught how to read a utility bill, the various meters used in the calculation of utility bills and about energy efficiency tips.  They were also taught how to compute the monthly estimated usage of electricity using the Home Energy Audit Calculator.


Students Trying Out The Audit Calculator Students Listening On How Singapore Power Evolved


Students were then treated to the history of Singapore Power and its concerted effort to promote the efficient use of electricity.  They were also shown the ways in which electricity could be harnessed through bio-fuel material like potato, corn and sweet potato as could be seen in the exhibits displayed.  Students also had the opportunity to learn about energy savings using inverter type air-conditioners and how the use of fluorescent energy-saving lamps can reduce the utility bill. They were also introduced to energy efficient solutions such as ceiling and wall insulations, window film, skylights, roof windows and solar power systems which will reduce electricity bills.


Furthermore, students had the chance to see the electric vehicle which was launched by Singapore Power in its effort to reduce carbon emissions for a sustainable environment.


Back To School! 


All in all, our students enjoyed the opportunity to learn outside the classroom and most of them promised to look closely into their utility bills and to read the respective meters.