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WGS -- 2019 Direct School Admission Exercise


Our Vision 

True to our vision as a school of choice and a community of dynamic learners, Woodgrove Secondary School (WGS) aims to shape the character of our students, ignite passion and promote innovation in them, and prepare them to be citizens for the future. A WGS student will have a holistic school experience through programmes designed to nurture them into learners and leaders for life, with the following outcomes:


To this end, WGS offers the following two distinctive programmes:

(a)  Learning for Life Programme (LLP): Community & Youth Leadership (CYL)
(b)  Applied Learning Programme (ALP): Materials Science for Sustainable Living

Learning for Life Programme (LLP): Community & Youth Leadership (CYL)

We envision WGS students as learners who are aware of the needs of the community and have empathy and compassion to serve and make a difference. Our CYL programme provides students the opportunities to participate in Overseas Learning Journeys and Work Attachments so that they may apply skills learnt and participate in an evolving real-life environment. Students will also develop and hone their leadership skills, character and values through initiating and organising programmes for the school and the community. Learning thus becomes meaningful and is a way of life for the students.



Applied Learning Programme (ALP): Materials Science for Sustainable Living

WGS has demonstrated strengths in environmental and design education. Our ALP leverages strengths in these areas to enable students to appreciate the application of scientific concepts, technology and design process in the field of materials science and environmental science. To encourage students to connect knowledge across subject disciplines and strengthen their thinking skills, they will be taught relevant topics from Science, Mathematics, Geography as well as Design & Technology. Through these activities, students will experience both the Scientific Inquiry Process and Design Thinking Process. Our ALP provides students the opportunities to participate in learning journeys and enrichment workshops to deepen their understanding of materials science as well as gain insight into the relevant post-secondary education opportunities available.



2019 Direct School Admission (DSA) – Sec Exercise

Parents and students are encouraged to choose schools wisely based on the student’s aptitudes and strengths, bearing in mind the schools’ academic and non-academic requirements, and the programmes available to develop the area of talent.

For 2019 Direct School Admission (DSA) – Sec Exercise, Woodgrove Secondary School will offer up to 20% of the Secondary One places in 2020 to Primary 6 pupils with keen interest in our LLP or ALP.

The selection criteria are shown below:

Applicants should

  • have demonstrated strong leadership qualities in Prefectorial Board / CCA / Class 
  • have participated actively in a community project / overseas service learning trips


  • have strong interest in subjects such as Science and Mathematics
  • have done well in Science / Mathematics / Design-related / Environmental-related competitions or projects at school or national level
Successful applicants will be given opportunities to participate in Overseas Learning Journeys / Work Attachments as well as develop their leadership skills through initiating and organising programmes for the school and the community.  


Overview of the DSA – Sec Exercise 

The DSA-Sec Exercise will be conducted in the following stages:

 Application Wed 08 May 2019 (9 am) 
Tue 04 June 2019 (3 pm)
Application for DSA-Sec to be submitted through the online DSA-Sec Portal.
The application is free-of-charge.
 Selection Mon 01 July 2019
30 August 2019
Shortlisted  applicants will be invited for an interview between mid-July to mid-August. The school will notify the shortlisted applicants on the details of the interview.
The school will issue letters to all applicants on the outcomes by 30 August 2019. Applicants will be notified if they have been:
(i)   given a Confirmed Offer (CO)
(ii)  placed on the Waiting List (WL), or
unsuccessful in their application
 School Preference Submission Late October 2019Applicants  can submit up to three School Preferences from schools that have given them CO or WL offer.
 Results ReleaseLate November 2019DSA-Sec  allocation results will be released through Primary Schools together with PSLE results.

For more details, please refer to the MOE DSA-Sec website here.


Contact Us

For further enquiries, parents / applicants may contact Mr Tan Siong Leong at 6893 2564 during office hours.  



Updated 01 Apr 2019