Environmental Education


~ WGS EE Vision ~
Woodgrovers adopting and leading an environmentally responsible lifestyle

It has been more than 19 years since WGS Environmental Education (formerly known as Green Movement) was initiated. WGS Environmental Education (EE) Committee started in 2000 to spearhead the school's environmental education effort. It oversees the Green Activists Club as well as other Woodgrovers' involvement in going green. Over the years, the school made significant progress in our journey in environment conservation. Our sustained educational outreach programmes in the school and the community at large are significant and visible testimonies to the school's Go-Green effort.
Preserving our environment is in line with our school vision of being a School of Choice as a vibrant and clean environment sets the right tone for learning. In developing a Community of Dynamic Learners, we empower our students to take greater ownership in conserving resources such as water and preserving the environment. We do this by the 3H1F approach in designing and creating varied learning platforms and activities for Woodgrovers. Besides knowledge (Head) and skills (Hands) acquisition, it is important to develop a sense of ownership (Heart) for the environment among Woodgrovers so that they can become concerned citizens (Feet) who actively play their part for the environment.
There are regular collaboration projects between WGS Environmental Education Committee, other instructional programmes and various staff committees. To heighten the students’ awareness of environmental conservation and sustainability, WGS has incorporated Environmental Education in both formal and informal curriculum as well as teachable moments. Students are taught environmental-related issues during Assembly programmes, CCE lessons, Science and Geography lessons as well as during projects such as Go MAD (Go and Make A Difference) Programmes organised by the school and respective CCAs. There are also regular green outings and workshops for all staff.

The key programmes and projects of the Environmental Education Committee focus on various environmental themes such as climate action, water and energy conservation, nature and biodiversity appreciation, as well as green buildings and features. We also organise different types of green competitions, camps and workshops for pre-schools, primary school children and secondary school students. These are some of the ways through which we create greater awareness on environmental issues and events in the students and community.
Workshops are facilitated by the student leaders from the Green Activists Club. Other than organising these camps and workshops, the Green Activists learn valuable skills and values by taking part in the Amaze-green Race around Singapore organised by the Environmental Education Committee. It provides opportunities for the younger participants to learn from their seniors and is a good way for them to bond and build comradeship. There are also other platforms for Green Activists to learn to be good student-leaders as well as responsible team-players.

Moreover, the WGS Environmental Education Committee looks into how the campus can be a more environment-friendly place for all. For instance, steps are taken to reduce the usage and wastage of paper, electricity and water. The school has been certified a 'Water Efficient Building' by PUB (the National Water Agency) since 2009. WGS has also designed an environmental trail connecting the eight green learning spaces set up within its premises. For each learning space, a specific environmental theme has been identified for which tasks are designed and crafted to challenge student participants to problem-solve and learn more about the topic. An example is the solar-powered fountain as a real-life application and resource for the theme on energy conservation and renewable energy. Some of these learning spaces such as ALP Learning Hub, Green Corner and ConneXion@Woodrgove also serve as outdoor classroom venues where students have their lessons in open spaces near greenery.
The impact of WGS Environmental Education is extended to the community as well as children and youths from other schools. The school has organised and participated in numerous outreach programmes to create greater awareness on environmental issues and encourage environmental ownership and participation. In addition, the students from the Green Activists Club are trained as environmental ambassadors by green partners to become change agents to further raise environmental awareness among their peers.

In addition, we have very supportive and strong green partners who have provided Woodgrover various learning opportunities. Our green partners include the Ministry of the Environment & Water Resources (MEWR), National Environment Agency (NEA), PUB (The National Water Agency), National Parks Board (NParks), Singapore Environment Council (SEC), Waterways Watch Society (WWS), SembWaste, Building and Construction Authority (BCA), Public Hygiene Council and North West CDC.
Woodgrove Secondary School was conferred the President's Award for the Environment 2011, Watermark Award 2010 and three EcoFriend Awards (2008 and 2010). We have also received the Eco-Schools Silver Award 2014, Lee Foundation Singapore Environmental Achievement Award (SEAA) 2012, CDL Outstanding Singapore Environmental Achievement Award (SEAA) 2012, Green Mark Gold Plus Award 2017 and Community In Bloom Gold Award 2018. These awards are recognition and affirmation of the school’s commitment in our environmental efforts. With such accolades, we gain more trust and support from numerous green partners and the close partnership provides a lot of valuable resources and learning opportunities for the students and staff. This has also given us greater exposure and opportunities to gain more general knowledge of the world beyond the classroom.
We believe that the key to the sustainability of our green efforts resides in the support and commitment by the school leaders, dedication and good planning of our staff and the concerted and tireless effort by our students to carry out the plans together. Great teamwork and the strong belief in the Environmental Conservation is the key to our sustained effort.



For more information on WGS Environmental Education (EE),
please contact Ms Lim Bin or Mr Tan Siong Leong.

WGS Environmental Education (EE) Committee and Green Activists Club
GIFTS (Green-Ing Our Future Together for Singapore)