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Our Mission

We will ignite passion to ACE Mathematics
  • Academic Excellence to value-add
  • Curriculum Innovation to engage
  • Empower students to be self-directed learners

Department Overview

The teaching and learning of Mathematics in Woodgrove is anchored by the pentagonal framework shown, where mathematical problem solving is the focus. Supporting this focus are five inter-related components – concepts, skills, processes, metacognition and attitudes.

Mathematics Framework.png

The Mathematics department has a cohesive team of teachers who work closely together and support one another to bring out the best in every student. We believe in developing passion and interest in the subject in order for our students to achieve their potential in the subject.

Teachers use a variety of tools such as Padlet, Quizizz, Classkick and other tools to engage the students of different abilities. Teachers also develop lesson packages to bring across big ideas. Big ideas are ideas that are key to mathematics and it bring coherence and show connections across different topics, strands and levels. As problem solving is central to the Mathematics Curriculum Framework, teachers also design Mathematical Modelling tasks to help students develop critical thinking and collaboration skills. Such skills are important in helping students solve real-world contextual problems.

Dept Photo (2).jpg Dept at work Photo (1).jpg

The department plans for various activities to provide opportunities for students to see Mathematics in real-life. For the Secondary Ones, a Math Trail is conducted with two objectives in mind. First, to get to know the school compound and second, to get to see the application of Math in daily lives. In addition, the students will get to interact with staff like the school librarian to find out the required information to answer the questions in the trail.

Sec 1 Trail 2020 (1).jpg
For the Secondary Twos, the department brings them to places like Changi Airport/ Vivocity/ Sports Hub to see more application of Math around them. During the trail, they will be introduced to different ICT tools, such as a digital clinometer, to aid them in solving the problems. They would also have the opportunity to see real time information like the exchange rates at Currency Exchange counters. These experiences are planned to help them realise the link of what is being covered in their curriculum to daily lives.

Sec 2 Trail 2019 (2).jpg
For the Secondary Two students who are more advanced in Mathematics and passionate about the subject, the department provides them with the platform to reach out to Primary Six pupils from Siling Primary School who need additional help in mastering Mathematical concepts and skills. This allows our student-tutors to develop a greater interest and love for Mathematics and also develop their leadership skills and confidence.

Siling Peer Tutoring (1).jpg
To stretch students further, platforms such as the ICAS Competition, Australian Math Competition, Normal Course Competition are available too.

Last but not the least, we hope to provide students the opportunity to learn at their own pace and be self-directed in their learning through the use of the Student Learning Space (SLS) and other suitable platforms.