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Global Citizens, Passion to Serve

The Humanities Department aims to develop learners who are global citizens with the passion to take an active role in the bettering of the lives of the people, society and environment.

The department consciously delivers the curriculum using the inquiry approach. Beyond the knowledge and skills, we hope that learners will develop an interest in the study of Humanities through the offering of a wide range of programmes. We believe in making the learning of Humanities come alive through authentic learning experiences.

The following are some of our signature department programmes:

1.    WGS Model United Nations Conference

  • To raise students’ awareness on current issues and the impacts of international affairs and decisions
  • To developing public speaking and critical reasoning skills within students
  • To ensure that students are cognizant of the multiple perspectives of various stakeholders in the international arena

The WGS MUN is an academic simulation of the United Nations’ conferences and dialogue session wherein delegates from various countries coalesce to discuss international or transnational affairs that affect every stakeholder in the international arena, be it big or small. WGS MUN saw students playing the roles of delegates from different countries and engaging in academic debates.

The photos show the students engaged in discussions.


2.    Geographical and Historical Investigations

  • To develop students’ interest in Geography and History
  • To develop students’ skills in acquiring and communicating geographical and historical knowledge through the study of primary sources
  • To develop an appreciation for the environment and the past so as to contribute actively and responsibly as local and global citizens

Students go through the various processes involved in the investigations such as data collection, analysing the data, making conclusions and reflection. They are also exposed to different skills such as making inferences, use of weather instruments and interview skills. Not only do the investigations allow students to learn and apply their knowledge and skills in the real-world context, more importantly, it makes learning comes alive and enjoyable for them.

The photos show the students collecting data at the various field sites.

Sec 1E/NA Geographical Investigations
Water Quality Testing
Geographical Investigations-1.jpg Geographical Investigations-2.jpg

Sec 2E/NA Historical Investigations
@ National Museum of Singapore
Collecting sources about lives of Singaporeans
during Japanese Occupation
Historical Investigations @ National Museum of Singapore.jpg Geographical Investigations Microclimate study @ WGS.jpg

Sec 3E/NA Geographical Investigations
Microclimate study @ WGS
Sec 3 Weather _ Climate Geographical Investigation.jpg

Sec 4E/NA Geographical Investigations
@ Orchard Road
Conducting interviews with tourists
Geographical Investigations @ Orchard Road.jpg Sec 4 Geographical Investigation @ Orchard Road.JPG

The Humanities department also actively look out for opportunities to develop students’ interest and potential through competitions and enrichments. Here are some of the events that the students have participated in before.

  • NUS Geography Challenge
  • War & Diplomacy Card Challenge
  • Historical Scene Investigation Competition