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Red Cross Youth National First Aid Competition


The annual Red Cross Youth National First Aid Competition aims to raise awareness about the importance of first aid in our everyday lives. The theme for the competition this year was “Humanity in Our Hands” (HIOH). It aims to show all our Red Cross Youth members that we can play a part in making a difference in someone’s life. The theme also showcases that learning and being proficient in carrying out First Aid can help someone in need. 

This year, there are two categories, junior category (lower secondary) and senior category (upper secondary).  Woodgrove secondary, RCY unit, took part in both categories.

On the day of competition 26th Feb, 2016 for the junior category (at Serangoon Secondary) and 12th March for the senior category (at Ang Mo Kio Central Stage), the team has to assess the scenario on the spot, do the correct diagnosis of injuries found on the casualties, do the appropriate first aid treatment to the casualties, and evacuate the casualties to the safety area, all within 8 minutes. There is another 2 minutes of Q&A session with the judges on the spot.



We are proud to announce that the senior team had achieved a GOLD award for the competition.

The team for the senior category comprised of Marvin Goh 4N1, Liyana 4N1, Sabrina 4T1, Joshua Lim 3E2, Lim Min’er 3E2, Nur Anisa 3N1, Khairina 3N2 and Jasline 3T1. The casualties are Zakir 2N1, Zion 3E3, and Siti Nurnilam 4T1.



The School is extremely proud of their achievement. Keep up the good work RCY!