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Program for 2018

Secondary 1 

 Swearing In Ceremony TBC
 Police Procedure CourseTBC
Road Safety Park Training TBC
 Uniform Sizing and Collection TBC
 Crime Prevention Course TBC
 Police Heritage Centre Visit5 Apr 2018
 Area 1 Games Day TBC
Combined UG CampMarch Holiday 

Secondary 2

 Basic Law Course TBC
 Sec 2 Revolver Shoot24 Jul 2018
 NPC Visit TBC
Unarmed Tactics Course 16 Jan 2018
 Civil Defence CourseTBC
 Adventure Training Camp (ATC)17 to 19 Aug 2018
Community Safety and Security Program (CSSP)TBC
 Cadet Leader Course TBC
 Road Safety Park Marshal Duty 12 July 2018

Secondary 3

 Sec 3 Dry Shoot 2 Apr 2018
 Sec 3 Revolver Shoot3 Apr 2018
Home Front Security CourseTBC
 Home Team Gallery Visit12 July 2018
Crime Scene Investigation CourseTBC
 Police Youth Ambassador (PYA)TBC
 Survival Training Camp (STC)17 to 19 Aug 2018
Cadet Leader Camp cum Leadership, Mentoring Skills Course (LMSC)TBC
 Uniform Sizing and Collection TBC

Updated: 8 February 2018