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National Cadet Corps (Land)


Est. 2003

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Extraordinary Youth Leaders
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To nurture inspiring and committed citizens
through fun, adventurous and military-related

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WGS NCC was established in 2003. With a rebranding exercise in 2008, establishing itself as ‘TRAINED - A Force to be Reckoned With’, it has grown from strength to strength achieving the Gold for the Best Unit Competition (BUC) and Unit Recognition (UR).

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Aside from the participating in activities, competitions and camps organised by Headquarter NCC, our cadets immerse themselves in an array of activities attuned to the 'Cadet Strong' framework, where all NCC cadets are 'Cadet Strong', with a resilient mind, fit body and committed heart.

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Our successful alumni bears testimony that WGS NCC produces men of valour who fearlessly adapt and thrive in the ever changing global landscape.

'Cadet Strong' Framework

A cadet with a resilient mind is confident to take on challenges and overcome setbacks.

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Every cadet understands the importance of a fit body, takes ownership to maintain a good level of physical fitness and adopt healthy eating habits.

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Each cadet has a committed heart and lives by the NCC Core Values with a strong sense of purpose to serve the cadet’s team, school and nation. Cadet learns passionately to develop cadet’s own abilities and proactively contributes towards wherever the cadet is.

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8 Core Values

Loyalty to Country, Uprightness, Leadership, Discipline, Commitment & Responsibility, Care for Fellow Cadets, Adventurous Spirit and Safety.

Teachers In Charge

Mr Manson Yip
Mr Mohamad Fariz Tajularus
Mr Isham Ishak
Mr Gireesh

Executive Committee

Unit Sergeant Major (USM)
Jabir bin Esoof Saleh
Assistant Sergeant Major (ASM)
Chai Xiang Yong
Precision Drill Squad IC
Tay Kai Feng
Freestyle Drill Squad IC
Phang Kai De
Admin & Logistics IC
Chua Jia Sheng
Junior Cadets Platoon Sergeant
Putra Mohamad Irfan bin Mohamad Razib
Senior Cadets Platoon Sergeant
Izzan Ameerul Bin Sahad
Cadet Leaders Platoon Sergeant
Chong Zhi Hong
Sports & Games Sergeant
Ryan Choo Yongle
Physical Training Sergeant
Muhammad Thaqim bin Arman

CCA Days and Time:

Monday : 3.30pm to 5.30pm