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The Woodgrove Netball Team was formed in 2015 by teacher Ms Santarina Luo. Although the team is still young, they have been given plenty of opportunities to participate in external competitions and friendly matches. Through experience and hard work under the guidance of their coach, Ms Lin Shuangru and teachers-in-charge, it is hoped that the team will establish themselves as a strong competitor in the near future.

CCA core values


  • To develop teamwork and sportsmanship
  • To provide opportunities for students to participate in competitions
  • To cultivate versatile and competent sportswomen

Teachers In Charge
CCA Days and Time
Mdm Tan Hwee Lin
Ms Lynn Norhana Hassan
Ms Dorothy So Sing Woon

Tuesday : 3.30pm to 5.30pm
Thursday : 3.45pm to 5.45pm


B-Division North Zone Top 8 Schools 2020

C-Division North Zone Top 8 Schools 2018

Berita Harian Pilot-Pen Ashaway Youth Games 2018 - Second Runner Up

The WGSNB players that got selected into the National Age Group and Zonal Age Group Programmes are:

1) Felicia Toh (Class 2019 ):
-U17 Nationals Team 2018
-U17 North Zone Team 2018,2019.

2) Lim Jingwen (class 2020):
- U17 North Zone Team 2019
- U14 North Zone Team 2018

3) Mavis Goh (Class 2020):
- U14 North Zone Development Squad 2018

4) Diyanah (Class 2020):
- U14 North Zone Development Squad 2018

5) Elyzza (Class 2020):
- U14 North Zone Development Squad 2018

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