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To mould players with passion for badminton.


To nurture every player to be a committed team player with good sportsmanship.

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One Team One Dream


Good Sportsmanship

Fair Play


Woodgrove Secondary School (WGS) Badminton started off as a recreational CCA for both boys and girls, with or without prior experience in badminton. The focus was to develop some knowledge and skills in badminton, build interest in the sports and to promote a healthy lifestyle.

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The players were sent to compete with other schools in sports carnivals to give opportunities to them to apply what they have learnt. Players gain more experience through such events.

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In 2015, the school engaged our first badminton coach and WGS Badminton CCA became an all-boys competitive sport with the aim to further develop the players in terms of knowledge, skills and values in badminton. Through the training programme planned, players will be able to value-add in terms of their skills and knowledge and learn more about the sports.

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Values were inculcated through the trainings and their interactions with other members from the CCA. Players are taught to be resilient and disciplined while going through the training programmes.

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Players are trained to build on their fitness and strength to stay competitive for the National School Games. Players show commitment and passion throughout being part of the CCA.


Every year, the team represented the school in the North Zone Badminton Championship for ‘B’ and ‘C’ Division Boys. The boys gave a good fight every year during the preliminary rounds and achieved victory in some of the matches against other schools.

2019 B Div School Players.jpg2019 C Div School Players.jpg2019 School Players.jpg

Besides developing in terms of knowledge and skills during training and matches, the players also contributed to the society through Values-In-Actions. In 2019, they visited Blossom Seeds and organised activities such as folding lanterns and sing-a-long sessions for the elderly residents.

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In 2018, they raised funds for Jamiyah Singapore.


Through the student-initiated VIA projects, they learnt valuable lessons about contributing back meaningfully to the society.

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(In terms of Skills)
1)    To learn the umpiring and linesman skills.

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Umpiring Practice_9.jpg

2)    To add value to their badminton skills.
3)    To build their fitness and strengths to prepare for the rigour of competitions

(In terms of Values)
1)    To inculcate values in the players.
2)    To provide a platform for students to show their leadership qualities in leading the other mates.

Ms Mardiana Mohamed Noor

Mr Adrian Quek Peng Yeow

Ms Chong Woon Chin

Ms Christine Ng Jia Lee

Ms Jane Koh Mei Fang

Student Leaders in CCA
CCA Days and Time
Captain: Leong Jun Jie 3E3
Vice-Captain: Hanzalah 2E3
Vice-Captain: Dylan Ng 2N1
Logistics IC: K-Ian Tan 3E1
Logistics AIC: Jethro Chia 2E3
Communication IC: Alvin Yong 3E2
Communication AIC: Cheah Mun Punn 2E2
Monday : 3.30pm to 5.30pm
Thursday : 3.45pm to 5.45pm