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Symphonic Band


Symphonic Band

is a musical ensemble made up of woodwinds, brass and percussion instruments and may include a string bass. Our musicians play a repertoire of music from classical to pop. Our trainings for musicianship are on every Thursday (sectionals with tutors) and Friday (combined) with our dynamic instructor, Mr Andy Sim. WGSSSB is jointly led by five passionate teachers namely, Ms Yati, Mdm Salimah, Ms Chong, Mdm Foong and myself, Ms Susan Wee.

Why must every school have a BAND? In 1964, our then Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, noted that Singapore as part of Malaysia could not celebrate National Day with a parade because the bands of the Police and the Singapore Infantry Regiment were both under the control of the Central Government of Malaysia. Hence in  early 1965, Mr Lee issued a directive to the then Permanent Secretary of Education, the late Mr Kwan Sai Keong, in which he stated that the formation of school bands should be considered a high priority. As a result, bands became part of the schools' extra-curricular activity programme with the formation of bands being compulsory in secondary schools.

Why learn Music? Experts say "Music Makes a Genius". As musicians learn and play, the neural paths are repeatedly forged across the corpus collosum - the bridge between the brain's left and right lobes. In a non-musician, the "home" for music is the right side of the brain. For musicians however, mental maturity from music takes place in both sides of the brain. This is what is known as the Mozart Effect, based on the findings of the researcher Don Campbell. Studies supporting it show that music increases spatial intelligence - the capacity that allows the child to accurately perceive visual things and recognise patterns. It also aids higher brain functions for complex mathematics, computer skills, sciences, architecture, map reading and even chess. No wonder our first Valedictorian of WGS 2003 is our very own band flautist - Eunice Seah!

What did we achieve? For 3 consecutive bi-yearly Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging for Concert Bands in 2003, 2005 & 2007, our WGSSSB has proudly sustained SILVER for our school. We also hosted our very first public concert named Giovialita in 2006 at the Singapore Conference Hall. It was a magical night with joy and family bliss! We will continue to look forward for breakthrough in the coming years to come! We dare to dream...
Where we enjoy playing good music ...