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Events of 2017

9th ASEAN School Games Opening Ceremony

In collaboration with other schools such as Crescent Girls Secondary School and Riverside Secondary School, the school presented the item, "Love SG", at the 9th ASEAN School Games Opening Ceremony at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. The journey has allowed them to make friends from other schools and it served as a platform for them to learn from each other in other aspects such as time management and resilience, apart from dance.

Speech Day

speech 1_300x200.jpgspeech 4_300x200.jpg
 speech 2_300x200.jpg speech 3_300x200.jpg
Every year, the Modern Dance is involved in the school's annual Speech Day.

National Day Celebration

 national day_300x169.jpg
Apart from National day, dancers are also involved in other internal school events such as festival celebrations.

Last Updated: 5 February 2018