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RE:ACT 2017

 re:ACT enables youths to explore contemporary social issues through genres of interactive theater and technology. It creates a creative space for the exploration of self-discovery and collaborative learning, presenting theater as a tool for advocacy while championing the need for change.

re:ACT has been a catalyst between charities and youth for 4 years and this festival encourages performances that interrogates these systems we exist in, building bridges connecting authentic narrative experiences to create meaningful content. 

In 2017, Woodgrove Secondary School had the honor of being a part of re:ACT with a focus on current critical issues. The objectives of re:ACT 2017 were:

1.  Explore the issue of gender equality an and how it affects our culture and national identity and the implications on the nation & community.

2. Consider the feelings, thoughts and point of view of women & girls in disadvantaged situations.

3. Contribute to the well-being of the community & society through Social Advocacy for Gender Equality & Empowerment of Women.

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Updated 13 Feb 2018