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Established in 2000, the Drama Club is a CCA initiated by students who were passionate about bringing the world of theatre to the school. Since her establishment, the Drama Club, more affectionately known as Whitelight Productions has achieved numerous accolades such as:

2020 – Human Values Drama Festival: 2nd Position
2019 – Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation: Certificate of Distinction
2018 – Human Values Drama Festival: 2nd Position
2017 – Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation: Certificate of Distinction
2015 – Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation: Certificate of Distinction
2014 – Human Values Drama Festival: 3rd Position
2013 – Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation: Gold
2012 – Human Values Drama Festival: Champions

On top of that, the Drama Club has performed for numerous school events such as the School’s Open House, Chinese New Year, Total Defence Day and National Day celebrations.

The Drama Club has a tradition of excellence and takes pride as a club of distinction. Members of the CCA strive to do their best by being inclusive, positive, supportive and encouraging as they gather to discuss about contemporary issues and transforming them into performative art.

We aim to groom students to be confident individuals with empathy. We also hope to empower students to harness the creative platform of theatre to make a positive change to the community and beyond.


Mrs Asvinder Kaur Gill
Mr Christon Cher
Mdm Nur Rafizah Mazlan
Mr Sugi (Instructor)
Ms Rebecca Louise Burch (Instructor)

CCA Timing

Monday : 3.30pm to 5.30pm
Thursday: 3.45pm to 5.45pm

Our Landmark Productions

2020 – Lilin

Lilin, despite not being performed, represents the tenacity and adaptability of the Drama Club. Due to Covid-19, the production only exists in script form. Yet, the Drama Club soldiered on and our script writers consolidated and fine-tuned their ideas to produce Lilin – a production that recognises the sacrifices our mother make throughout our lives.

We hope to bring this on stage one day.

2019 – Found You

Image 7 Found You - Our Award Winning Performance in 2019.jpg

Image 11 Found You - Our Award Winning Performance in 2019.jpg
Found You brings the plight of the Rohingya refugee crisis center-stage. The sheer brutality that arises from the abuse of power confronts the audience as they discover how entire villages are destroyed. Yet, there is always hope as a soldier rescues a baby from a sea of corpses.
2017-2018 – Madah

Image 2 Madah (Eulogy) - Our Award Winning Peformance in 2017 _ 2018.jpg

Image 6 Madah (Eulogy) - Our Award Winning Peformance in 2017 _ 2018.jpg

Madah (Eulogy) is a tear jerking production that explores what it means to cherish our family members in spite of their imperfections. Through a series of flashbacks interspersed with reflections from various family members, the audience faces the everyday realities of a grandmother and her family – the happy, angry and frustrating moments. It is ironic that the eventuality of death ignites one’s memory to become alive and the ghosts of the past haunt us to become better individuals who cherish our loved ones.
2015 – Quiet Desperation

Image 10 Quiet Desperation - Our Award Winning Performance in 2015.jpeg
Quiet desperations explores the theme of depression. The Drama Club presented a story of a student who had to be transferred out of a prestigious school because he was not able produce good results as he was facing depression. Through his struggles, the audience is persuaded to consider on what it means to play a role in creating a compassionate society.
2012 - Gemuk

Image 9 Gemuk (Fat) - Our Award Winning Performance in 2012.jpg
Gemuk (Fat) explores the life of an obese student and how she copes with the difficulties she faces in school. Despite the teasing and the emphasis on mainstream notions of what beauty is, the audience discovers that one can be beautiful through imperfection and the relationships we have.
2000 – The Little Girl and The Funny Old Tree

Image 8  Our Very First Production - The Little Girl and the Funny Old Tree.jpg
An adaptation from Kuo Pao Kun’s 1987 production, this production explores how friendship can be affected in the never-ending pursuit of development and advancement.

What We Do

Recruitment and Induction

Image 1 Secondary 1 Orientation.jpg

Image 4 Presenting Life in School to Secondary 1 Students.jpg
Image 5 Presenting Life in School to Secondary 1 Students.jpg
The Drama Club puts up a performance yearly to attract new members. Knowing that being in a CCA of a new school can be challenging, our specially designed induction programme aims to empower new students to be better acquainted with their seniors.
Crew Training

Image 3 Preparation for Performance - Everyone Helps!.jpg

Image 12 Sound Crew.jpg
Apart from being on stage, students are also given the opportunity to support a production as a crew member in the following ways:

  • Make up
  • Sound & Lights
  • Stage Managers
Inter CCA Learning

Image 13 Inter CCA training.jpg
We believe in sharing what we have learnt to other CCAs. We open our rehearsals to our friends from other CCAs to watch in order to get feedback from them. This empowers us to refine our productions better.