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Choir Exchanges and Competition

Winter Choral Festival Competition at Hong Kong Disneyland


The Choir (29 students and 2 teachers) travelled to Hong Kong, 
Disneyland from 3rd - 7th December 2012 to participate in the Winter 
Choral Festival Competition 2012.  

The choir had a personalized educational clinic conducted by an 
overseas adjudicator and participated in a Disney Performing Arts 
performance in the park.

The trip provided an educational and positive music learning experience 
for developing choirs with the aim to enhance the ensemble’s learning 
curve through workshops, performance, adjudication as well as 
programmes in Hong Kong Disneyland.

Selected clinicians and adjudicators gave detailed and useful comments 
of each performance. On top of this, educational clinics organized 
allowed the adjudicators to provide personalized feedback for the 
participating choirs after the performance.




Jubilate IV, Festival of Choirs (6-9 Dec 2010)


Woodgrove Choir was one of 15 other Singapore Secondary School Choirs to participate in 
the Jubilate IV, Festival of Choirs trip to Tiara Beach Resort, Port Dickson on December 6-9 
2010. 25 Woodgrove choristers participated in the festival accompanied by their choir 
teacher, Ms Nuradila Adam, and choir conductor Ms Rose Loh. They trip provided them with 
the opportunity to have 2 choral clinic sessions with internationally known clinicians so as to 
prepare them for the upcoming SYF Central Judging Competition in early 2011. The choir 
also performed during the Friendship Night and SYF Showcase to allow further exposure in 
performing to a public audience.

Reflections from Woodgrove choristers

Khairunisah (3E2 - 2010) – Choir President 2010-2011
“We learned how to adapt ourselves and overcome our fatigue by doing neuron and physical 
exercises. We also managed to catch the other 15 school choirs for the friendship concert. 
This helps us see the various kinds of songs and singers. We had a workshop with Mr 
Reuben Lai. He helped us with our posture, vowel space, breath and smiles. Even though 
it’s only a 1 hour workshop, it benefited us for our singing. Overall, our choir bonded more 
and we can produce a better sound. With this, our CCA can achieve better for the school in 
the future.”

Lim Kai Li (2E1 - 2010) 
“During the trip, we learnt things beyond what the school can teach; we gain more experience.
We learnt to be independent, living in our own apartment rooms, we face different situations; 
laundry, insects, electricity, shortage of things, lack of water. The Jubilate tour taught us 
techniques helping us with difficult sections and parts. When we are tired, we have to push 
through and do physical exercises in order to make better expressions and sounds.  Trying our 
best to be in harmony and appear energetic. We went through workshops with internationally 
renowned clinicians who helped us get a better sound as a choir. We bonded as a choir and I 
look forward to the next trip.”