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SYF Arts Presentation for Chinese Orchestra 2013

The Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Arts Presentation is a very important event on every Secondary School Chinese Orchestra’s (CO) calendar. It is an opportunity for the students to showcase their talents and is a culmination of months of hard work preparing for this benchmarking event.


Teachers helping students with their make-up 


A total of 53 secondary school COs participated in this year’s Arts Presentation. Our school sent a 79-member strong orchestra comprising students from Sec 2s to 5s for the showcase.


The set piece we had chosen was 海之韵 and the choice piece was 庆典序曲. The 2 pieces provided a stark contrast – the former evoked a sense of melancholy while the latter was bright and sprightly. Our students displayed their musicality as they navigated through these pieces with dexterity.


 Motivational speech by Mdm Sung before setting off to the

Singapore Conference Hall


Under the expert guidance of our Music Conductor, Mr. Low Cher Yong, and 6 highly professional sectional instructors, the CO students practiced very hard for the SYF Arts Presentation. They had at least 3 practices a week while managing their studies at the same time.

 Everyone was delighted with the performance.


All the teachers-in-charge were also instrumental by providing timely support and motivation for the students during this SYF season.


Dizi section with their instructor


On the actual performance at the Singapore Conference Hall, our CO SYF participants did the school proud by playing to their fullest potential, presenting a near flawless performance to wow the audience and the adjudicators.


 Group photo of the Hu Qin section with their sectional instructor


Hence, it is with great pleasure that we announce that the WGSCO has achieved a Certificate of Distinction for the SYF Arts Presentation 2013.


Certificate of Distinction!