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Youth Flying Club

Youth Flying Club of Woodgrove Secondary School hopes to promote aviation among youths in our school and inculcate them to have a strong passion for flying. To achieve this, the school’s YFC is working hand in hand with Singapore Youth Flying Club (SYFC) as well as Just Fly It Pte Ltd. SYFC and Just Fly It Pte Ltd provide aeromodelling and flight simulation courses for our members weekly on CCA days.

Members of the school’s YFC have a hands-on session on activities such as first-person view (FPV) drone flying, design and build unpowered gliders and flight simulation with the guidance of experienced instructors. Besides the above activities mentioned, annually members of YFC will participate in inter-school competitions organized by SYFC and Singapore Amazing Flying machine Competition (SAFMC) organised by Science Centre and Defence Science Organisation (DSO). YFC committee members are given the opportunity to lead and serve, they are also given the opportunity to take the ownership to plan and execute bonding sessions among the YFC members as well as a day camp. The camp has helped to nurture and develop the students in life skills such as leadership, discipline, responsibility and teamwork. At the same time members showed care and concern among their CCA mates.

First-person view (FPV) drone flying
Flight simulation.jpgFlight simulation
Design and build unpowered gliders
Youth Flying Club serves to promote aviation among youths in our school and inculcate them to have a strong passion for flying. Through the club’s activities, members are taught on aeromodelling and flight simulation courses.

Teachers In Charge
CCA Days and Time
Mdm Teo Siew Choo
Mdm Lim Hwee Peng
Mdm Wang Xiaojun
Every Tuesday
3.30pm to 5.30pm
3.45pm to 5.45pm

Student Leaders in CCA (Rank) (Class/Year)



CCA Highlights

1. Our member took part in the 2019 SAFMC category B competition during the March holiday. This competition is organised by DSO National Laboratories and Science Centre Singapore.

Out of the 486 teams, two of our teams was awarded:
2nd Place in Best Aesthetic Award
1st place in Theory Of Flight Award

2. Participated in SYFC inter -school competition 2019.

Latest Achievements

1. SAFMC Category B Best Aesthetic Award
2nd Place

2. SAFMC Category B Theory Of Flight Award
1st Place