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The WGS Debate Team participated in the annual Singapore Secondary Schools Debate Championship (SSSDC) 2017 in Semester 1. Held over a span of 4 months, this competition gives students the opportunity spar with debate teams from other schools in Singapore.

In the three Preliminary Rounds, our SSSDC team worked hard to develop their arguments and identify the likely points which may be raised by the opposing team. Members who were not in the SSSDC team helped in the preparation too, by simulating an opposing team in mock spars during CCA sessions.


 Presenting an argument to the adjudicators.

It is never an easy task to deliver relevant and impactful speeches, while remaining composed during a debate. Nonetheless, our SSSDC team managed to do well in all three Preliminary Rounds, and were advanced to the Quarter Finals! Additionally, one of the team members, Yeo Jia Le, was ranked among the Top 20 Best Speakers in the Division!


Teamwork is crucial in a debate team.

The members of the 2017 SSSDC Team are: NUR ALFIAH from S4-E3, KRISTIAN from S4-E2, XUEK QUEE from S4-E1, JIA LE from S4-E3 and IBRAHIM from S3-E1.

Our Accomplishment

Prize-giving ceremony for the SSSDC Team.

Our CCA is jubilant with the advancement of our SSSDC Team to the Quarter-Finals, and the juniors feel inspired to carry on the success we achieved this year!


Prize-presentation ceremony together with the MRL Scrabble Team.

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