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D3DC 2017 saw our Media Resource Literacy Club (MRL) students compete in 3 rounds. Two teams, A and B, competed in all rounds. Team A won 2 out of 3 rounds while team B won 1 out of 3 rounds.


Convincing the adjudicators to lean towards the Proposition.

D3DC Debate Round I

Motion: This House would ban video games in which in-game currency is used to gamble for virtual items.

WGS Team A (proposition) VS Assumption English (opposition)

WGS Team B (proposition) VS Meridian Sec (opposition)

1st speaker: Alfiah

1st speaker: Jin Hui

2nd speaker: Xuek Qee

2nd speaker: Hou Enn

3rd speaker: Jia Le

3rd speaker: Haziq

Reply speaker: Alfiah

Reply speaker: Hou Enn

Result: WGS TEAM A won


Best speaker: Jia Le

Best speaker: Jin Hui


Motion: This House believes that social welfare should be given out in goods and services, rather than the equivalent cash value.

WGS Team A (opposition) VS Zhong Hua Sec (proposition)

WGS Team B (opposition) VS Woodlands Sec (proposition)

1st speaker: Alfiah

1st speaker: Ke Ying

2nd speaker: Ibrahim

2nd speaker: Jin Hui

3rd speaker: Jia Le

3rd speaker:  Arysad

Reply speaker: Alfiah

Reply speaker: Jin Hui

Result: Zhong Hua sec

Result: Woodlands sec

Best speaker: Zhong Hua sec

Best speaker: Woodlands sec


Intensive final preparations with our Coach, Ms Anlin, prior to Round 2

D3DC Debate Round III (Impromptu)

Motion: TH would prohibit Singaporeans from gambling at the integrated resorts.

WGS Team A (opposition) VS Evergreen Sec (proposition)

WGS Team B (opposition) VS Bedok South (proposition)  

1st speaker: Xuek Qee

1st speaker: Arysad

2nd speaker: Kristian

2nd speaker: Hou Enn

3rd speaker: Jia Le

3rd speaker: Ke Ying

Reply speaker: Xuek Qee

Reply speaker: Arysad

Result: WGS TEAM A won

Result: Bedok South

Best speaker: Jia Le

Best speaker: Arysad from WGS


Listening intently to feedback from an adjudicator after Round 3.


A winning shot with members from Team A and Team B.