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Infocomm and Robotics Club (IRC)

Infocomm and Robotics Club (IRC) started in 2016.

In IRC, our aim is to:
  1. Promote the use of ICT in students’ learning
  2. Promote creativity
  3. Promote awareness in Cyberwellness

Students play and make with technology, sparking imagination and building creative confidence.

In Robotics, students learn computational thinking and making, and are exposed to coding concepts through a blend of software inputs (visual/syntax-based programming language) and hardware outputs (Robotics and Microcontrollers). Guided by teachers and trainers, students will acquire abilities like logical thinking, reasoning, sequencing, estimation and inventive thinking.

Robot 1.jpgRobot 2.jpg

Students are also trained in AVA and be responsible and highly efficient members capable of handling challenging tasks to ensure smooth running of school events.

AVA 1.jpg

Students are also trained in photography and photo-editing skills. To develop their photography skills, members attend photography courses and go on learning journeys with the CCA to practice their photography and handling of DSLR cameras.

photography 1.jpgphotography 2.jpg

Training Days and Time

3.30pm – 5.30pm
Robotics - Comp Lab 3
Photography - Comp Lab 2


Asst. IC
:  Mdm Samsiyah Sakaryoh
:  Mr Muhammad Fauzan Sapuan
:  Mdm Siti Aisyah Said
   Mr Leon Foo