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Environmental Science Club

CCA Past and Present

The Green Activists Club started in 2002. From a mere 15 students in 2002, the club has not only grown in size but also in stature.

The key programmes and projects of the Green Activists Club focus on various environmental themes such as climate action, water and energy conservation, nature and biodiversity appreciation, as well as green buildings and features. We also organise different types of green competitions, camps and workshops for pre-schools, primary school children and secondary school students. These are some of the ways through which we create greater awareness on environmental issues and events in the students and community.

The Green Activists Club actively collaborates with other schools in EE Trial, camps and workshops to exchange ideas and enable our students to lead and facilitate in the activities. Other than organising these camps and workshops, the Green Activists learn valuable skills and values through participating in learning journeys and signing up for competitions related to environmental theme. It provides a platform for participants to showcase their talent and apply their knowledge in environment education to achieve the objective of the competition. There are also other platforms for Green Activists to learn to be good student-leaders as well as responsible team-players. The Green Activists Club also creates awareness among staff and students in the school through Inter-class Recycling Challenge and making Teachers’ Day Gift to show appreciation and application of upcycling.

In addition, we have very supportive and strong green partners who have provided the Green Activists and other Woodgrovers various learning opportunities. Our green partners include:

  • Ministry of the Environment & Water Resources (MEWR)
  • National Environment Agency (NEA)
  • PUB (The National Water Agency)
  • National Parks Board (NParks)
  • Singapore Environment Council (SEC)
  • Waterways Watch Society (WWS)
  • SembWaste
  • Building and Construction Authority (BCA)
  • Public Hygiene Council and North West CDC


To educate Green Activists in WGS Environment Education (EE) and ignite their passion to do their part for the environment. Students will take up ownership and responsibility to plan and carry events to create greater environment awareness for their friends in school, their family members as well as to the public.


To elevate Green Activists’ effort in lifelong learning in environment education and apply the knowledge to preserve the environment.


2018- Sustainable Lifestyle Challenge by Clean & Green Singapore (Merit Award)

SE Clean and Green Carnival Launch _ Awards Ceremony (2).jpg

2018- Yellow Flame Award (School Award)

Yellow Flame Award.jpg

2019- Crea8e Sustainability Competition, Video Annimation to advocate for Zero Waste by PacificLight.
(1st place for Lower Secondary Category)

Crea8 Sustainabilty Video Animmation Award  Ceremoney 2019.jpg

2020- Crea8e Sustainability Competition, Photo Journalism to tackle on UN Sustainable Development Goals by PacificLight.
(1st Runner-up for Lower Secondary Category)
(1st Runner-up for Upper Secondary Category)

CCA Training Sessions

  • Tuesday :  3.30pm to 5.30pm
  • Thursday 3.45pm to 5.45pm


Email Address
Mr Lee Yang Sheng
Mdm Khiew Rui Ting Serene
Miss Wong Weilan Mars

Student Leaders

Tan Sze Ying Serene
Dinglasan Mikaela Alexene Mapute
Jocelyn Toh Wan Yi
Jess Lee Jie
Logistic IC
Lee Jia Ying Annabelle
Greenville IC