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Outstanding Alumni

Our Graduates, Our Pride!

Mr Leonard Ho Zhan Lin (Graduated from class of 4T1 2012)

NP graduation 1.jpg

After graduating from Woodgrove Secondary School in 2012, Leonard entered ITE College Central and graduated in December 2014 with NITEC in Semiconductor Technology. 
He continued his study and graduated from Ngee Ann Polytechnic in May 2018, attaining a Diploma in Electronic & Computer Engineering with Merit. Leonard is also a proud recipient of the following awards:
Edusave Good Progress Award 2013 & 2014
Edusave Certificate of Academic Achievement 2014 & 2017
IEEE Reliability/CPMT/ED Chapter (Singapore) Prize (for most outstanding academic performance in the Microelectronics Option)
Edusave Skills Award

Leonard was offered a place in both NUS (Course: Electrical Engineering) and NTU (Course: Electrical & Electronic Engineering – Direct Entry to Second Year) in academic year 2020-21, and has chosen to continue with his academic pursuit with NTU.

When I entered Woodgrove Secondary as an Normal Technical stream student, I had no goals in my life. I was literally at the bottom of the cohort. Right up to Secondary Three, I would procrastinate on my tasks every day and would not make the good use of my time.

Fortunately I realised that if I don’t pass my N Levels, I will not graduate with my peers. Armed with a renewed mind-set, I began to realise that I lack knowledge in most subjects. I panicked and felt lost initially. But that was when I turned to my teachers and asked for help. Without hesitation the teachers assured me that as long as I am willing to learn, they will never give up on me. Their words warmed my heart and I told myself there is only one path left for me to take, the path to achieve the impossible.

I’m glad that my form teacher, pushed me to do my best and never gave up on me even though I was an underachiever.  I was inspired to work hard, to commit, and to believe in myself so as to make things happen. Thankfully with sheer determination and hard work I manage to pass my “N” Levels!

Woodgrove Secondary is a pivotal point in my life. I am extremely blessed and eternally grateful that Woodgrove Secondary School gave me a second chance, even though I was a U-Grader. Thank you for shaping me to be the person I am today.

Ms Nur Khairiyah Binte Atan (Graduated from class of 4E1 2016)

Khairiyah received the Woodgrove Choice Award when she joined Woodgrove Secondary School with the highest PSLE aggregate for her cohort and also for selecting the school as her first choice. 
In August 2016, she was offered a place in Singapore Polytechnic via EAE even before she graduated from Woodgrove Secondary School.

Khairiyah is currently pursuing a Diploma in Media Communication. In 2018, She was awarded the prestigious SP Scholarship. This is a merit-based scholarship awarded only to 30 high calibre individuals who have attained academic excellence, with excellent co-curricular activities records and exhibit outstanding leadership qualities.

My time in Woodgrove helped to shape my ambitions and to understand what I wanted to pursue after graduating. My decision in choosing the Diploma in Media Communication may be attributed to my position as the chairperson of Woodgrove’s Debate Club. Being actively involved in my CCA made me realise I enjoy communicating my ideas with others. With the support and encouragement from my teachers, eventually I took up media communication, a course that I now truly enjoys. 

In addition, Woodgrove has helped me understand myself and my capabilities as a leader better. And now, I am proud to be heading the Publicity team for the School of Communications, Arts and Social Sciences Club.  I am also really honoured to be a recipient of the SP scholarship, and ’m thankful for the experience I have had in Woodgrove, without which, I do not think I would have made it this far.

Ms Sharon Toh Wen Jing (Graduated from class of 4T1 2017)

Sharon Yoh Jing Wen.jpg

Sharon graduated from Woodgrove Secondary School in 2017. She is currently pursuing her NITECT in Business Service in ITE College West.
In 2018, Sharon received the MOE Special Awards: Lee Kuan Yew Award for Outstanding Normal Course Students for achieving ALL DISTINCTIONS in her N Levels Examinations as well as excellent performance in her CCA and conduct.

      I feel really contented to have been in Woodgrove as this is the place where I got to meet a lot of caring and kind teachers as well as classmates and friends. I will never regret choosing Woodgrove Secondary as my first choice. 

Woodgrove has provided me with the necessary education and skills through lessons, programmes and competitions. For example representing the school in the Clementi Town Normal Category Mathematics Competition and taking part in the First Aid Competition held by Singapore Red Cross Society. The Enrichment programmes in Woodgrove were the best. I got to choose the programme that I like and had a really enjoyable time of learning.

Through those years in Woodgrove, I have learnt a lot of things in terms of interpersonal skills, teamwork and also about my own character, on top of my academic subjects. 
I would say Woodgrove is a definite choice! Thank you to all the teachers for their constant guidance, effort and time spent on me, and in helping me become who I am today.