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Organisation Excellence

Excellent Service Award (EXSA) - 20th Anniversary Commemorative Event 2014

At the EXSA 20th Anniversary Commemorative Event held in Nov 2014, Woodgrove Secondary School is honoured to receive a special recognition for the school's support for the EXSA movement in the last 5 or more years in the event. 

Best Practice Award (Staff Well-Being) 2013

Work-Life Achiever Award 2012

Our Organisation

Woodgrove Secondary School (WGS) provides an ability-driven education so that we can shape character, ignite passion and promote innovation to prepare our students to be citizens of the future. To grow a community of dynamic learners, we place a premium on the gifts and talents of both our students and employees. 

Woodgrove Secondary School 


  Group Picture - Achiever Award Winners 

Our Work-Life Journey

We recognise the critical role people play in delivering quality learning outcomes.  That’s why we developed and sustain a family culture including work-life harmony for all.  In line with our vision “A School of Choice, A Community of Dynamic Learners”, the school champions work-life harmony through a two-pronged strategy of: managing their work and career aspirations through sound people development systems and processes; and implementing policies to support our employees to manage the demands of work and life. 

Refreshed by Nature (Staff Retreat at Jurong Bird Park)A Walk Along Nature (MacRitchie Reservior)

Master Chef Challenge (Staff Retreat)Connecting People with Nature (Kusu Island) 

Our family friendly culture is based on trust and mutual understanding.  Special arrangements can be discussed such as time-off for medical emergencies or childcare, compressed work week where teaching timetables can be adjusted, no-pay leave and even co-teaching.  Aside from the childcare, parent care and exam leave, we offer other leave options including urgent personal affairs, enhanced professional development leave and off in-lieu.  Employees can apply for part-time teaching or flexi-adjunct scheme when the need arises. 

Crafting Individuality (CnT Department)An Eye for Details (Science Department)

We believe that employee professional development and excellence is only possible when there are sound systems and processes that allow work-life strategies to be pervasive, consistent and impactful, thus influencing a positive work-life culture.  A positive work-life culture will undoubtedly translate into having satisfied teachers and support employees who will instil the joy of learning and creativity in our students. 

Our Thoughts

“It is important to create a work environment that not only supports promoting career aspirations but also provides avenues for our employees to satisfy important personal needs. A happy work environment translates to engaged and committed employees!” 

Masayu Mahmud, Vice Principal 1 

“Woodgrove has given me several platforms to showcase my abilities and strengths which are recognised by key personnel and colleagues.  This validation of my efforts spurs me on to do better.  The school has a positive atmosphere with open and stress-free interactions among key personnel and colleagues which makes it a truly great working environment, allowing us to grow to become better professionals.” 

Ghayathiri Thevy d/o Narayanan, Teacher 


Immersing in School Values for Valued Staff (Middle Managers Retreat) 

Singapore Environmental Achievement Awards 2012


President's Award For the Environment 2011



2010 Achievements

People Developer Award 



Woodgrove Secondary School was awarded the People Developer Award in 2009 by SPRING Singapore. It is the certification for the business excellence niche standard for people. The People Developer Award is a mark of excellence of the school's efforts in valuing its people, recognising their contributions and developing their potential. It is an important milestone in Woodgrove's journey towards achieving business excellence.




 People's Association Community Spirit Award 2010 -- MERIT AWARD


PA Community Spirit (PACS) Awards aim to recognise private or public organisations which have supported the GROs and CDCs activities. The assessment period is from 1 January to 31 December 2009. The award encourages and recognises the school in supporting our staff in grassroots work and the school's active effort to inculcate a sense of community spirit among our staff by contributing to the community.




Development Award for Character Development (2010-2012)


The award is presented to schools that have put in place sound systems and processes for the development of character.



Woodgrove Secondary School (WGS)’s mission: ‘We will shape character, ignite passion, promote innovation to prepare citizens of the future’ encapsulates what Character Development (CD) entails in the school. We aim to nurture our students’ intellectual capacity and shape them with a strong sense of character and rootedness to the community, thereby nurturing confident, responsible, resilient and caring individual with dignity and integrity.


With a strong family culture of care, both the school leaders and teachers lead by caring and inspiring students through their teaching and interactions, seizing teachable moments to make what is taught relevant to their lives.


Unique to WGS is the 4E approach to CD as outlined in WGS CD framework. We inculcate school values in our students through formal curriculum like Life-skills and Character Development (LCD) lessons and Equip them with SEL skills through informal curriculum such as participation in CCAs, community service, environmental conservation and internationalisation programmes. The school creates opportunities for students to Exhibit their acquired skills through leadership opportunities and day-to-day actions. The school promotes Experiences that allow students to engage the hearts and the hands to action. Students are given opportunities to Explore possibilities in the journey of self-discovery, hence developing individuals who are motivated with a sense of purpose in life. 


Character Development being one of the key strategic thrusts, school leaders ensure that staff deployment and training as well as resource allocations are given high priorities. Students’ needs are identified so that relevant CD programmes can be organised for them. The effectiveness of our programme is evaluated through reviews, surveys and feedback from staff, students and partners. WGS’s commitment in building a synergistic partnership with stakeholders acknowledges that our partners have a significant role to play in the CD of our students.


This whole school approach towards emphasising character development is in line with WGS’s vision of being ‘A School of Choice. A Community of Dynamic Learners’.


Watermark Award 2010

Background Information on Watermark Award:


With the opening up of our waters as new spaces for community and recreation, it is important for us all to cultivate a sense of ownership of our waters. The Watermark Award recognises and applauds the tireless efforts of “water heroes” who help ensure that Singapore’s water supply is sustainable for generations to come.


The Watermark Award recognises Friends of Water who have gone the extra mile for the water cause. These are passionate people who volunteer their free time to pick up litter from the waterways, help home owners to install water-saving thimbles, and even spread the message of water conservation and keeping our waters clean.


The Watermark Award winners are selected by a panel of judges chaired by PUB Chairman Tan Gee Paw. The stringent judging process took into consideration the frequency and variety of activities organized, the amount of resources invested, the impact of activities promoting water sustainability in the community, contributions beyond their professional or academic scope, and track record in developing, maintaining or inspiring a sustained positive impact.


Woodgrove Secondary School is one of the recipients of Watermark Award 2010. WGS Green Movement and Green Activists Club have led the school in the organising and participation of various programmes and projects in our ‘water journey’.


The 3H Approach to Environment Conservation


Woodgrove Secondary School uses the 3 H (Head, Heart and Hands) approach in serving their water initiatives. Woodgrovers are first educated on water conservation knowledge through seminars and programmes. Though heightening the awareness on water conservation, students cultivate an appreciation of our Singapore water ways and take active actions in influencing others to do their part in reducing water wastage and protecting environment. The scope of influence extends beyond school to external stakeholders such as alumni, parents, partners and community. Some examples of these outreach programmes are Cluster Green Camps, Woodgrove Water Week, SPAM (Staff and Partners Appreciating Marina Barrage), GLAM (Green Learning and Appreciating Marina Barrage) and Water TAP Programme (Training, Appreciation and Participation), which are organised in collaboration with key green partners such as PUB, Senoko Energy and Waterways Watch Society. 


Here are some examples of WGS Water Projects in 2009 and 2010:


1.          WWW (Woodgrove Water Week) 2010 – organised by Green Activists Club

2.          SPAM (Staff and Partners Appreciating Marina Barrage) 2009 – organised by SWC and Green Movement, participated by 90 WGS staff and school partners

3.          CIP river clean-up projects – organised by Student Development department, participated by various classes and CCA groups

4.          CIP river clean-up projects – organised by PW Committee for lower secondary classes

5.          Learning Journeys to NEWater Visitor Centre – organised by NE Committee

6.          GLAM (Green Learning and Appreciating Marina Barrage) 2009 – participated by 90 Red Cross Youth cadets and Green Activists

7.          'Clean Water Challenge 2010' 2nd Prize – guided by D&T department

8.          Poster design projects on water conservation – organised by Art teachers and supported by D&T department

9.          ED (Economy Drive) Go-Green projects – headed by AM, OM and Green Movement (includes getting WGS certified as a 'Water Efficient Building')

10.      Dragon-boat Race for World Water Day 2010 – participated by ODAC and Mr Joe Tan

11.      Water sports as part of Sports Education Prog (SEP) – organised by PE department

12.      Performance for World Water Day 2010 – performed by CO

13.      PUB ‘Friends of Water’ Programme – 15 Woodgrove staff and students were trained as PUB volunteers since December 2009


National Education Award - Development Award 2010

The NATIONAL EDUCATION AWARD (NE) attests to the school’s ongoing processes to build a strong sense of national identity and social responsibility. Woodgrove Secondary was awarded the Development Award (NE) in 2010.


National Education in Woodgrove Secondary School aims to cultivate in every student a sense of deep appreciation of Singapore’s uniqueness and a strong sense of purpose to serve our community.


The strong supportive leadership has been essential in crafting of the NE framework and plans, with the school’s oNE Committee. Support for the deployment of teachers ensures diverse departmental representation and commitment in NE-related programmes. Leadership support also comes through the creation of time and space for staff to work on NE-related programmes and curriculum infusion.


NE inculcation is done through a multi-pronged approach within the curriculum and co-curricular programmes such as CIP and overseas trips as well as through commemorative events and participation in national events. NE experience is also created through Inter-CCA, departmental and committee collaborations to enhance the NE programmes and empower both staff and students.


A whole school approach that taps on strong partnership for NE ensures that the school prepares our students to be citizens of the future who are rooted in values and caring towards the community and environment.


On behalf of WGS,


“Thank you to all our staff, students and stakeholders who have made this possible!”