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Inter-Unit Enrichment Activity: Dragon boating with Queenstown Secondary School

On 12th October 2012, 20 cadets from the school's Red Cross Youth CCA participated in an inter-unit dragon boating enrichment activity with 30 cadets from Queenstown Secondary School's RCY.

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These 50 cadets first attended a brief introduction on the objectives of this activity. A mini National Education lesson was conducted, informing the students about the history of dragon boating and the current developments of Kallang River, their location for the activity.

Upon reaching the destination, the students were first briefed on the water safety, ensuring that they got a buoyancy vest and an oar each before boarding on the dragon boats. While on-board, there were two certified instructors from the Singapore Dragon Boat Association on each boat to guide the students on the correct techniques when dragon boating. They rowed through the Kallang River, enjoying the beautiful scenery around the Kalland River and having fun at the same time. At the end of the 2-hour activity, the students were wet and exhausted. Nevertheless, they enjoyed every minute of it.

Through this activity, Woodgrovers made new friends from Queenstown Secondary School. Despite the fact that there were no proper introductions for them, they managed to work together and motivate each other to complete the activity on a high note.The cadets truly enjoyed the dragon boating experience, and they are definitely looking forward to more of such collaborative learning journeys.