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School Rules & Regulations

Code of Conduct

It is the duty of every Woodgrover to know the school rules and observe them at all times.

1 The National Anthem and Pledge

1.1 Students who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the Pledge. Students will take the Pledge with their right fist placed over their heart.

2 Attendance

2.1 Students are required to log-in their attendance by using the biometric system by 7:13 am.
2.2 Students who are not in the parade square for the Flag-raising at 7:15 am will be considered late.
2.3 The school gate will close at 7:13 am.
2.4 Latecomers are to hand over their personal EZ-link card to the student councilor to allow them to record the particulars.
2.5 Absence from school must be accompanied by a medical certificate and where appropriate, a letter of
explanation from parents. The letter must include the parent’s or guardian’s signature as well as their valid contact number.
2.6 Any student who is absent from school or late without an official reason, will be subject to disciplinary actions.

3 School Uniform and Appearance

3.1 The school uniform is to be worn in the proper manner whenever a student comes to school and at all school-related activities, including those held during the school vacation or outside the school premise. Please refer to the following page for the approved school uniform.
3.2  Students are to wear the prescribed school uniform and modification to the uniform is not allowed.
3.3 Uniform for Boys
3.3.1 White short-sleeved shirt with the school name on the left pocket. The shirt is to be tucked in at all times.
3.3.2 Shorts for lower secondary boys, long pants for upper secondary boys. These must be purchased from the school.
3.4 Uniform for Girls
3.4.1 All uniform are to be bought from the school bookshop.
3.4.2 Skirt of blue colour with box pleats. The skirt must be knee-length.
3.5 Shoes and Socks
3.5.1 Only white shoes and white socks are allowed. The socks must cover the ankles. Any student with socks of inappropriate length will be required to buy a pair from the school bookshop.
3.5.2 No slippers or sandals are allowed unless supported by a doctor’s advice.
3.6 School Tie
3.6.1 School ties are to be worn every Tuesday at the morning assembly and hall assembly.
3.6.2 Students must put on their ties before they assemble for the flag-raising ceremony.
3.6.3 Ties are to be worn in the formal manner pulled all the way to the top.
Upper Secondary School Uniform
Lower Secondary School Uniform
 Physical Education Attire

3.7 School T-shirts
3.7.1 Only the school’s P.E. attire is to be worn during PE lessons. No form of alteration or graffiti is allowed on the school’s P.E. attire.
3.7.2 No student should be in P.E. attire after the recess break.
3.7.3 No T-shirt is allowed at all times unless the school’s shirt/blouse is worn over it.
3.7.4 During Saturday activities or holiday-time activities, students must be properly attired in school uniform or proper CCA T-shirt or class T-shirt with school pants or skirts.
3.8 Class T-shirts
3.8.1 DM must approve the design of the class T-shirt before it is sent for printing. The class T-shirt must include the school crest. Deadline for submission of design to the DM for approval is in Week 4 of Term 1. Late
submissions will not be entertained.
3.8.2 T-shirt sizes must be of the standard types. No mini-cuts will be allowed.
3.9 Appearance for Boys
3.9.1 Boys must be neat in appearance, clean shaven and no facial hair is allowed.
3.9.2 Boys’ hair must be cut short and neat. Hair should not touch the collar.
3.9.3 Hair must not touch the eyebrows when combed down.
3.9.4 No long side burns are allowed. Hair must not be touching the ear.
3.9.5 No fanciful haircut is allowed. Hair must not be tinted or dyed.
3.9.6 No form of body piercing or body art will be allowed.
3.9.7 Please refer to the following page for the acceptable hairstyles for boys.
3.10 Appearance for Girls
3.10.1 Girls with hair touching the lower collar must tie it up neatly with a black elastic band.
3.10.2 Loose hair or fringe must be neatly pinned up.
3.10.3 No fanciful haircut is allowed. Hair must not be tinted or dyed.
3.10.4 Only a pair of simple and small ear studs is allowed.
3.10.5 Please refer to the following page for the acceptable hairstyles for girls.
3.11 Jewellery and Contact lenses
3.11.1 No ornament or jewellery is allowed.
3.11.2 No tinted contact lenses will be allowed.
3.12 Nails and make-up
3.12.1 Nails are to be kept clean and short at all times. Nail polish is not allowed.
3.12.2 Putting on of make-up is not permitted.
3.12.3 Henna painting on any part of the body is not allowed.
3.12.4 No form of body art will be allowed.
Hairstyles: Hair should always be kept neat and presentable at all times. Hair products such as hair gel should not be used. The fringe (if any) should not touch the eyebrows.
Boys: Punk/Outlandish styles are not allowed.

DSC02275.JPG Male_Side View.jpg
Girls: Outlandish styles are not allowed. If the hair length touches the collar, the hair should be tied up. Only plain black or dark blue hair bands/hair pins are to be used.
DSC02284.JPG Female_Side View.jpg

4 Classroom Conduct

4.1 Classrooms must be kept clean at all times. Students on duty are to ensure that the classrooms are cleaned before school starts and before the last period of the day in the classroom.
4.2 All chairs are to be pushed under the desks at the end of the last period of the day in the classroom. All windows must be closed.
4.3 Prevention of vandalism of chairs and desks is the responsibility of the Class Committee.
4.4 Lights and fans should be switched off when not in use.
4.5 Class notice boards have to be neatly maintained. Only articles of academic value can be displayed.
4.6 No textbooks, etc. are to be left in the classrooms overnight.
4.7 The classroom is to be locked during recess and when the class has lessons at other venues. The class key must only be kept by the Chairperson or Vice-Chairperson. No duplication of the class key is allowed.
4.8 No food or drink, except plain water is to be consumed outside the canteen.
4.9 Permission must be obtained from the teacher before students can leave the classroom. During changeover of periods, students must obtain the permission of the teacher conducting the next lesson.
4.10 Movement to and from the classroom should be brisk and orderly. Students should also move quietly so as not to distract other students from their lessons.
4.11 Students are not allowed to enter other classrooms without the teacher’s permission, especially when no one is in the classroom.
4.12 When the student leaves the class, they are to bring their valuables (e.g. handphones and wallets) along with them. Do not leave any valuables in the class, unattended.

5 Canteen

5.1 The canteen is out of bounds, except during recess and PE lessons when the PE teachers have given permission.
5.2 Students are to queue up to purchase food. Food and drinks are to be consumed in the canteen only.
5.3 Used crockery and cutlery are to be returned to the respective stalls/receptacles provided in the canteen. Students are to ensure that leftovers/empty cans and cups are thrown into the bins provided and not left on the tables.

6 Academic Discipline

6.1 Students are to get ready for lessons with relevant textbooks, notes, etc. on their desks. There should be no sharing of learning materials.
6.2 Bags should not be placed on desks.
6.3 Students must sit up straight and be attentive to the teacher during lessons. No sleeping or lying down is allowed in the classrooms.
6.4 All work given must be completed on time by the students themselves. Late work will not be accepted. Copying of work is considered as cheating.
6.5 No student should leave the school premises during school hours without written permission from the Principal/Vice-Principal/HOD/DM.
6.6 Students who are not feeling well and wish to go home must have the form signed by the Principal/Vice-Principal/HOD/DM after informing the teacher in the class. The parents or guardians are to fetch the student from school. If the parents or guardians are unable to fetch the student, the student will remain in the sick-bay until the school’s dismissal.

7 Serious Offences

The following are considered very serious offences and may lead to a student being severely punished. Punishment could be in the form of detention, public caning, suspension and even expulsion from the school.
7.1 Computer-related offences
7.2 Visits to cybercafes, LAN shops and pool/billiards rooms
7.3 Smoking in and out of school
7.4 Stealing - including the taking of the books of others etc. without permission
7.5 Fighting in and out of school
7.6 Extortion
7.7 Threats
7.8 Open defiance - including defying orders of those in authority, e.g. teachers, student councilors. It includes shouting, use of foul language, and offensive body language.
7.9 Cheating during tests and examinations (all students involved will be given a zero)
7.10 Hooliganism in and out of school
7.11 Vandalism
7.12 Possession of pornographic material
7.13 Truancy
7.14 Gambling / Betting
7.15 Intimacy
7.16 Bullying
7.17 Substance Abuse
7.18 Body art or body piercing

8 General

8.1 Students are not allowed to bring expensive jewellery.
8.2 All kinds of playing cards are not allowed in school.
8.3 There should be silence during morning assembly and assembly in the hall.
8.4 All students are expected to be well-behaved, polite and courteous at all times.
8.5 Students must treat school property with care. Vandalism is a serious offence. Students should practice proper toilet habits such as flushing the toilets after use.
8.6 Students should not litter in any part of the school premises at all times. 
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