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Principal's Message

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Dear Woodgrovers, 

Our school has come a long way since its inception and we have grown into a warm and caring community. We provide a wide variety of learning experiences in the moral, cognitive, physical, social and aesthetics domains so as to realise the talents and broaden interests of our learners while shaping them into young men and women of character. 

2019 marks another milestone in our school’s history as we celebrate our 20th anniversary. The school has adopted the theme “Homecoming”, inviting alumni and ex-staff to come home and celebrate together with us as one big family. Activities, such as a carnival and a gala dinner, have been planned for as part of a year-long celebration. In addition, we are developing our very own school cheer and theme song as well as 3D artwork to mark this occasion.

The school continues to be guided by our WGS Education Outcomes to develop our students to be:
~ Responsible and dynamic learners,
~ Resilient Citizens with Integrity,
~ Compassionate Leaders with the passion to serve, and
~ Confident, adaptable and innovative individuals prepared for the challenges ahead.

The school actively forges partnerships to connect students to the local and overseas community in order to nurture their civic responsibility, broaden their worldview and appreciate the diversity of our unique social fabric. All stakeholders have played an important part to create this meaningful and engaging Woodgrove Experience for the students. I deeply appreciate the contribution of all staff, past and present, parents and partners, in particular my esteemed SAC members, coaches and instructors amongst many others.

Let us continue to build on our Family Culture and develop all Woodgrovers by empowering them and entrusting them to achieve success.


Yours sincerely, 

Mr Chee Chit Yeng


Woodgrove Secondary School