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Partners: Parent Support Group

Our Vision

A community of dedicated parents, ready to serve and bond with love and care.

Our Mission

We work in partnership with the school to nurture our children.

Our Focus

To work in partnership with stakeholders in providing holistic education and improving educational outcomes.

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Our Objectives

1. Foster and enhance ties between the school and parents.
2. Help develop a stronger bond between parents and children.
3. Keep parents informed of the policies, programmes and developments of the school.
4. Collaborate with the school in efforts to educate students through support, participation and organisation of activities.
5. Promote and inculcate school values through programmes.
6. Encourage social interaction among parents, students and other stakeholders of the school.

How Parents Can Benefit from Joining the WGS PSG

1. Dialogues with School Leaders and staff to better understand school policies.
2. Have a better understanding of the school-based activities.
3. Obtain more insights on parenting through workshops and networking with other parents to help your child in their growing years.

How Your Child Can Benefit

1. Develop a positive attitude and behaviour.
2. Achieve more in school regardless of socio-economic background.
3. Bridge the cultural gap between school and home.

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Our Programmes

Secondary 1 Registration & Campfire

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Registration Booth
Pic 4.JPGCakes for Family Members
Pic 5.JPGRegistration Booth Pic 6.JPG
Fruits for Famiy Members

Welcome Tea for Secondary 1 Parent Support Group

Pic 7.JPGWelcome Cakes Pic 8.JPG Existing PSG Members and Newly-joined PSG Members

Chinese New Year Celebration

Pic 9.JPGChinese New Year Celebration with the Lion Dance Troop
Pic 10.JPGGod of Wealth
Pic 11.jpgPacking CNY goodies for the Elderly
Pic 12.jpgCNY Concert Pic 13.jpgPacking CNY goodies for the Elderly

Mid-Autumn Festival

Pic 14.JPGMooncake Making Pic 15.JPGLanterns & Mooncakes Galore

Hari Raya and Christmas Celebrations

Pic 16.JPGHari Raya Pic 17.JPGChristmas

Cross Country

Pic 18.JPG
Sembawang Walk
Pic 19.jpgWoodlands
Pic 20.JPGChinese Garden Pic 21.JPG
PSG Champions

Sports Day

Pic 22.JPG
PSG & Staff Race
Pic 23.JPG Pic 24.JPG

Aesthetics Nite

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Pic 26.JPG2014 Pic 27.JPG
Pic 28.JPG

Family Day

Pic 29.jpg
Orchid Bowl (Chevrons)
Pic 30.jpg
Pic 31.JPG
Woodgrove Secondary School
Pic 32.JPGEast Coast Park
Pic 33.JPG Pic 34.JPG
Pic 35.JPG

Pancake Day

Pic 36.JPG
To motivate all students and staff in the upcoming examinations
Pic 37.JPG Pic 38.JPG
Pic 39.JPG

(Role Modelling of Values)

Pic 40.jpg
Sunshine Welfare Action Mission Home
Pic 41.JPGRed Cross Home for the Disabled
Pic 42.JPGLightening the Day with some Dance Moves Pic 43.JPGPerforming for the Elderly at MWS Christalite Methodist Home
Pic 44.JPGSpinning the Bingo Wheel Pic 45.JPG
Children Aid Society (Melrose Home)

Local & Overseas Trips

Pic 46.JPG
Gardens by the Bay
Pic 47.JPG
Malacca, Malaysia

Speech Day

Pic 48.jpg Pic 49.jpg
Pic 50.jpg Pic 51.jpg