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Partners: Alumni


About Us

The Woodgrove Secondary School Alumni Association (WGS Alumni Association) is a non-profit organization that was officially established in 2010, together with the first official Woodgrove Secondary School Alumni Executive Committee (WGS Alumni EXCO). It is established with the purpose of building the foundation and providing the platforms needed for all past and future graduates of Woodgrove Secondary School (WGS) to contribute back to their alma-mater and community.

Together, WGS Alumni Association will provide opportunities for both current students and graduates of WGS to learn and grow together through the organization of events, which will range from purely school-based events to events of wider scope that would involve the community. The WGS Alumni Association aims to provide additional support for the staff and teachers of WGS whenever possible, and also aims to provide new and unique opportunities for the current students of WGS to learn and experience. Furthermore, it also serves as a networking platform for the alumni to bond together and expose to more opportunities.

Based on our organization's beliefs and with our influence we seek to create a community, a "3rd Home", where every Woodgrover will be drawn in, contributing willingly to the creation of a better school for WGS students to study in, a better society for Singaporeans to live in.

Our Vision

A Vibrant Community that Connects the Hearts of Every Woodgrover

Our Philosophy

  • every Woodgrover possesses character and potential, ever ready to be ignited to achieve success. [Character]
  • once a Woodgrover, always a Woodgrover. [Connectivity]
  • in coming together for an enriching experience. [Culture]
  • in servant leadership and contribution back to WGS and the society. [Contribution]

Our Mission

To create an on-going cycle of
  • Networking
  • Bonding
  • Inspiring
  • Contributing
within and beyond the WGS community
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Alumni coming back to share their experiences and provide more insights on tertiary education
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Once a Woodgrover, Always a Woodgrover, joining in for school events like cross country