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Parent Support Group (PSG)

Our Vision
A community of dedicated parents, ready to serve and bond with love and care.

Our Mission
We work in partnership with the school to nurture our children. 

Our Focus
To work in partnership with stakeholders in providing holistic education and improving educational outcomes.

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Our Objectives 
1. Foster and enhance ties between the school and parents.
2. Help develop a stronger bond between parents and children.
3.Keep parents informed of the policies, programmes and developments of the school.
4. Collaborate with the school in efforts to educate students through support, participation and organisation of activities.
5. Promote and inculcate school values through programmes.
6. Encourage social interaction among parents, students and other stakeholders of the school.

How Parents Can Benefit from Joining the WGS PSG
1. Dialogues with School Leaders and staff to better understand school policies.
2. Have a better understanding of the school-based activities.
3.Obtain more insights on parenting through workshops and networking with other parents to help your child in their growing years.

How Your Child Can Benefit
1. Develop a positive attitude and behaviour.
2. Achieve more in school regardless of socio-economic background.
3. Bridge the cultural gap between school and home.

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