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PSE Conference 2017

Promoting Peer Critique on Volleyball Bump/Forearm Pass Technique Via Mirror Casting

Technology today is ever-changing and handheld devices and apps are being used by students in almost every aspect of their lives. This paper explores the use of ‘mirror casting’ (a form of Information and Communication Technology) as an aid to improve student engagement and understanding in the learning of sport, in particular volleyball, by providing immediate feedback to the students. Working with students from different academic streams, a survey was done at the end of the term as a basis of assessing the effectiveness of mirror casting in enhancing engagement and understanding. Positive feedback of learning was given by the students and the implementation of the use of ‘mirror casting’ was well-received by the students. The results highlighted the effectiveness of ‘mirror casting’ in enhancing students’ engagement and understanding in the learning of volleyball. This subsequently suggests that the usage of ICT tools can help enhance students’ learning.

Mirror casting.jpg