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Physical Education



We seek to equip students
  • Skills
  • Knowledge
  • Attitudes
in sports to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

Our department
aims to cultivate in our students a sporting and healthy lifestyle through a structured physical education programme. The Skills.Knowledge.Attitudes (SKA) approach provides students a systematic structure to learn physical education. The domains ‘S’ and ‘K’ focus on psycho-motor and cognitive development while ‘A’ ensures the affective development of our students. From our PE programme, our students are able to acquire skills and knowledge of 10-12 sports and games as well as values education during their 4-5 stint in the school. To further strengthen the rigour of the programme, the department has also put in place an assessment system that helps to level up students’ mastery of games and sports in progression which accords to their ability and talents.

With the department mission in sight, we want our students to be able to demonstrate good sportsmanship and take the responsibility to promote healthy living through sports and CCAs. In addition to the PE programme, the department also leverages on CCA platforms to achieve its mission. The range of CCAs provided by the department is aplenty so as to cater to different student needs and interests. By having students participating in CCAs, not only will their school experiences be enriched and made more meaningful, they will also be provided them with opportunities to hone their leadership skills in serving the larger student body.

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