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Si Ling Mentoring Programme

Si Ling Primary – Woodgrove Secondary School Peer Tutoring Programme 2019

This programme is a collaboration between Siling Primary School and Woodgrove Secondary School. This has been an ongoing programme since 2014.

Objectives are:

·    To collaborate with a primary school to introduce peer-mentoring system where secondary school students            who are strong in Mathematics can reach out to Primary 6 pupils who need additional help in mastering                Mathematical concepts and skills.

·    To expose student-tutors to the pedagogy of Mathematics.

·    To cultivate a greater interest and love for Mathematics.

·    To develop student-tutors’ leadership skills and confidence.

Period: Term 1/2

·    Mrs Shirley Choo and Mdm Zuraidah (Advisor)

·    Ms Lee Yin Shih (IC)

·    Ms Serene Khiew (AIC)

In this project, a total of 42 Sec 2E student tutors were grouped into 2 groups. Each week, a group of student tutors would make their way down to Si Ling Primary to meet up with their tutees (Pri 6 SPS students) to conduct a one and half hour peer tutoring session on the different topics in the Primary 6 Mathematics syllabus. Each student tutor was attached to either one tutee or a group of 2 to 4 tutees. 

Through these peer tutoring sessions, the student tutors developed a greater understanding for the Mathematical concepts and were made more aware of the misconceptions that students may have. 

Through the checking of their tutees’ works, the student tutors also became more aware of the seriousness of being careless in Mathematics and how this resulted in them not being able to arrive at the correct answer. 

Overall, the student tutors enjoyed the interaction with their younger peers in this programme and developed greater self-confidence and responsibility when they were aware that they are the role models for their tutees. 

2019B.jpgStudent mentors coaching their tutees  


Si Ling Primary School prepared light refreshment to thank Woodgrovers during the last session. 

Group photo at the end of the session