InfoComm Technology

ICT Vision

A school of dynamic digital learners through the responsible use of ICT.  

ICT Goals

(1) Engaged learners who are equipped with future skills, empowered by the productive use of ICT. 
(2) Responsible users of ICT who take proactive actions to demonstrate and promote cyber wellness in the cyber space. 
(3) Competent staff who designs quality learning experiences with effective use of ICT. 
(4) Reliable ICT infrastructure and secure systems for effective management of information, communication and resources.

The ICT Department supports all IP Departments to infuse ICT into curriculum. This includes integration of ICT into curriculum ( Academic Excellence ) and also inculcation of Cyberwellness ( Character & Citizenry Development ).

In order to achieve this, the ICT Department focus on Staff Capacity Building through conferences, symposiums and in-house ICT curriculum white-space (timetabled time) known as ICT F2F to build competencies of ICT Mentors to impact curriculum ( Staff Professional Development & Excellence ).

Last but not least, the ICT Department also has a role to play in the effective management of physical and T&L resources in the school (Operations), which in turn provides support to staff and students in leveraging ICT in support of T&L.   

ICT Support Team 2019

Name Designation
Mr Kalathran Narayanan ICT Associate
Miss Nurfadlin Abdul LatiffDesktop Engineer
Mr Nick Tee Teck YeeDesktop Engineer 
Mr Tan Cher HweeAV Technician 

ICT Mentors 2019

Mr Tan Boon Cheng Adviser - Vice Principal
Mr Daniel Cher ICT Mentor (Science)
Mr Muhammad Fauzan Sapuan ICT Mentor (Science)
Mr Manson Yip Ming Shun ICT Mentor (Mathematics)
Ms Wong Wei Lan Mars ICT Mentor (English)
Mdm Siti Farhana Abdullah ICT Mentor (Malay)
Ms Pak Xin Yan ICT Mentor (Chinese)
Mr Leon Foo ICT Mentor (Humanities)
Ms Ang Hui LingICT Mentor (Humanities) 
Ms Nuradila Bte Adam ICT Mentor (C&T)
Mr Ng Soon Peng Raymond
ICT Mentor (PE)

Ms Nur Rafizah Mazlan Sec 1 ICT Trainer
Mr Nur Abdul Karim Kamarudin Sec 2 ICT Trainer

ICT integration in curriculum towards Academic Excellence

Learning of musical instruments using Glogster Student sharing their reflections on video using Linoit
2.jpg 3.jpg

Use of ToonDoo in the learning of Chinese  Language

Environment Education Trail using iPhone and QR codes

Character Development through Cyber Wellness Programme

A new MOE-developed mobile game app to promote meaningful parents-child conversations on online experiences (Available on android platform on Google play)

C-Quest Banner for School Website.png

Why is there a need to have Cyber Wellness in today's classrooms?

With more schools placing greater emphasis on integreating technology into teaching and learning, it is necessary for students to examine the consequences of their online activities and behaviour. Schools also need to take the lead in promoting digital and social media literacies. Both Cyber Wellness education and use of ICT for teaching and learning have to move in tandem. It is also important for schools to partner with parents, in raising the awareness of developing positive digital citizens.

Our Cyber Wellness Student Ambassadors and School Mascot

Cyberwellness ambassadors.jpg Cyber Wellness 2012_Mascot_v1.jpg

Students-led Cyber Wellness activities

Poster display for voting.jpg Skit on cyberwellness.jpg
Cyber Wellness Poster Design Cyber Wellness Skits
WE assembly.jpg instagram hashtag.jpg
Cyber Wellness Assembly Programme Cyber Wellness Instagram Hashtag Competition

Students' Artifacts

Student ICT Showcase

Updated  Apr 2019