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Sichuan (Combined) School Exchange Programme with Woodgrove Secondary School

On Friday, 29 Jan 2016, 32 students from China’s
Sichuan Combined Schools visited WGS. The main objective of the visit was to provide both the visiting and hosting students the opportunity to forge new friendships through a series of activities that would allow them to interact and learn together, hence enhancing their understanding of WGS education. The diverse backgrounds of the visiting students provided an invaluable opportunity for our hosting students to learn and respect the different cultures that they have, aligning with the school values of Respect and Appreciating Diversity.

The visiting students arrived at WGS just in time for the flag-raising ceremony. The morning assembly that followed after the ceremony was filled with a few events planned by the Internationalisation Committee to welcome the student visitors. The first item on the list was the welcoming address by our Principal, Mr. Chee, as well as a speech by a representative from the visiting school. This was followed by an exchange of Tokens of Appreciation from both schools. The welcoming session ended with a photo-taking session.

After the welcoming session, Mr Toh and Ms Serene accompanied the visiting students for a brief tour around the WGS compound. This introduction of the school allowed students to get to know each other better. This was followed by a PE lesson where the visiting students took part in various teambuilding activities planned by the 2N1 students themselves, during which they had the opportunity to mingle and collaborate. They were then brought to Media Resource Library for a brief presentation on WGS.

After a tea break, they took part in an English lesson conducted by Ms Ernie and Ms Jocelyn. Throughout the lesson, all students were kept occupied with various activities. Students found the lessons engaging and enjoyable despite some communication challenges. In the final session, all the visiting students discussed and provided feedback about their entire experience at WGS.