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Secondary 1 SOAR & Campfire

The SOAR experience this year was redesigned from ground up. The theme of “We Are One” aimed to give the Sec 1 students a SENSE OF BELONGING and encourage them to TAKE PRIDE in joining the WGS family. Through the various new initiatives, we also aimed to cultivate a CULTURE OF CARE and SUPPORT FOR ONE ANOTHER among the Sec 1 students.

One of the highlights is the “We Are One” banner that was made up of eight smaller banners, with each class and their Orientation Group Leaders (OGLs) taking charge of decorating each piece with their own handprints during the Art portion of the SOAR elective sessions. Other interesting activities included the making of musical instruments in the D&T/music elective, the learning of new materials through the Applied Learning Programme elective, and many more.


Wednesday marked the start of the camp portion and the Sec 1s were placed under the charge of a dynamic group of student leaders, made up of Student Councillors, Sports Leaders and CCA leaders. These student leaders came together during December, bonded as one, and under the leadership of the student camp chiefs Nicole Ang and Muhammad Thaqif, carefully prepared for the various details of the camp. Marvel Superheroes was the theme of the camp and we saw the OGLs being dressed up by the Sec 1s in their respective superhero costumes, and they battled each other with exciting actions and sound effects. We saw the different classes compete in a game of Woodgrove Captain’s Ball, and at the end of the camp, they worked as a class to rescue their OGLs from a super villain kidnapping.

The camp concluded with a campfire on the last night, and the unveiling of the “We Are One” banner was led by Lower Sec Year Head Mr Kumar. All seven classes and even the OGLs and student leaders showcased their high spirits through dance performances, cheers and songs. Arm in arm with their newly-made friends, the Sec 1s reminisced about the past five days of fond memories through a montage of photos and videos shot by the OGLs themselves and celebrated their initiation into the Woodgrove family with the singing of the very first Woodgrove Batch song in unison.

Enjoy the montage again at this link: