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Pancake Day

The parents of the Parent Support Group were at the booth bright and early, busy frying the much loved pancakes and all smiles despite their hard work preparing the batter the day before the event.



Teamwork is Key to Success

Parents who had newly joined the group showed great enthusiasm in working for our Woodgrovers. They greatly supported the much loved Pancake Day, which encouraged our Woodgrovers to take care of themselves whilst working hard for their CA. Learning from the veterans in the group, it did not take long before the many trays of pancakes were ready and full of different types of fillings, such as chocolate, kaya, peanut butter and many more flavours. 


Dare to be put to the test. … 
I did not do too badly…right?

Sharing something funny.

Despite the great amount of work ahead, the parents were also happily interacting with each other, laughing and giving feedback on the processes involved.  They really are great role-models of teamwork!


Getting into the momentum for the crowd.

The warm applause and excitement of the Woodgrovers showed how much they appreciated the gesture by all the parents. The happy faces and the greeting of parents with thanks when they came for the pancakes were great encouragement for the parents.


Wow! So Many Pancakes!

Some feelings and thoughts of the newly joined parents were that the PSG members were warm and friendly and ready to share with them their experiences in this field.  It did not take long for them to feel at home. They were also glad to be able to contribute to the welfare of the Woodgrovers.  Furthermore, they were eager for this opportunity to interact with their own teenagers in an environment other than home, and are more than happy to continue to support this venture.


More Pancakes Coming Up