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National Day Celebration 2016

The 2016 National Day Celebration was celebrated on Monday, 8th August with the theme “Building Our Singapore of Tomorrow”. This marked the first year towards SG100 after crossing the SG50 milestone.


It started out with the parade segment which involved the uniformed groups. The parade was led by the parade commander, Ashradi from 3E1. The recollection was read by Mr Aljunied. After the parade, students were then ushered back to the class for the NE lesson facilitated by the form teachers. 

All Secondary 1 students took part in the poster design competition. The theme was “Building Our Singapore of Tomorrow”. For the Secondary 2 level, the students worked in groups to build a building that represented their hope for Singapore in the future. 


For Secondary 3, the students worked in groups to create a figurine to portray the elements of National Day or past icons from Singapore. Finally, for Secondary 4 and 5 students, they wrote a rap or poem for Singapore’s 51st birthday.


The second part of the celebration was held in the hall. In line with this year’s theme, the celebration aimed to bring the students back to the Kampong days of Singapore and get them to look forward toward the future challenges of nation-building. As such, a unique skit was presented by the Drama Club, which featured the performances of the Choir, Modern Dance and Woodgrove Awesome finalists delicately woven into the story. 


The skit brought us back to the Kampong days, then through the transition to HDB flats and finally set the audience thinking about Singapore’s future challenges. The Symphonic Band rounded off the skit with a medley of National Day songs. 

The finale of the concert featured the clear and powerful vocals of Mrs Heikal and Mr Karim leading the school in singing the National Days songs.