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Maritime Experiential Programme

On 20 May, students from 3N1 and 3N2 participated in a Maritime Experiential Programme (MEP) hosted by the Singapore Maritime Foundation (SMF). 

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This programme complements the WGS Education and Career Guidance syllabus by helping students better understand the maritime sector and the myriad of maritime career options it offers.

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During the whole-day programme, students were split into two groups and visited Singapore’s maritime facilities which would normally be out-of-bounds to the public. The itinerary for the first group comprised a scenic sea tour in the waters off Marina South and a tour through one of the nation’s noteworthy ‘port which never sleeps’; the Pasir Panjang Port. 

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The second group’s programme began with a visit to the Jurong Shipyard where an SMF staff provided an engaging commentary about the myriad of careers available there. This visit was followed by a trip to the Singapore Maritime Academy, where students who had thought of seafaring careers interacted with the lecturers and current students at the Academy.

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In the post-programme reflections, students from both classes indicated that it was meaningful and beneficial. One student mentioned in her reflections that “(she had) learnt a lot of things, for example like knowing that Maritime industry is divided into lots and lots of area” and that she “would start to consider getting into (the) maritime industry”. 

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